Living with One Direction

Madison Carter like every other 15 year-old girl is taken to a slave house were she learns the Motto 'Talk little, Wear little and Eat Little'.
This is a story of how Madison is afraid of One Direction but after some ups and downs she learns to trust them. And maybe even love one of them....
** Warning! I don't know the guys personally so I don't know if they are like this in real life **


7. Sammy


"Now in breaking news. A young 19-year-old man has been taken to hospital in a serious condition." A photo of the man appears on the screen.

I gasp and the boys look at me, but I ignore them and focus on the TV. Sammy, is on the TV. He has cuts and bruises all over him.

“Anyone with information on this man please contact us on 012-938-4756.”

I quickly grab my phone and call them.

“Hello. Officer Simmons here. Please state your name and reason for calling.

"Hello. My name is Madison Carter. I have information about the man that was just taken to a hospital."

“Ok. Can you please tell me about him?”

I take a deep breath, “His name is Sammy Carter. His birthday his 16th of the 9th 1998. His parents’ names are John and Lucy Carter. Sammy's address is the same as his parents which are 201 London Drive, New York. Their phone number is 398-4810. Is there anything else you need to know Officer?”

"Nope. Thank you, Madison."

“Wait. What hospital is Sammy at?”

“Washington State Hospital.”

"Thank you, Officer. Good night."

“Good Night.”

I hang about and Louis raises his eyebrow, “What was that about Missy?”

“Um. Nothing?”

“Oh come on Madison. Just tell us. We know it’s about your family. How stupid do you think we are?” He hesitates, before saying, “Actually, don’t answer that.”

I laugh, “Fine. That was about m-my brother Sammy.”

They all freeze. "Your brothers in the hospital? What are you doing here then?" Ask Zayn.

I sigh, "In the slave handbook it says, ‘Slaves are forbidden to see their family without permission of their master’.” I look at with a ‘durrr’ face.

"Well, you've got our permission. So, let's go."

I stare at them, dumbfound, “U-U-Uh. Really you guys?” I ask.

They nod. I give them a big hug, “Thank you so much.”

“Wait? What hospital is Sammy in?” Asks Liam as he jumps into the driver’s seat of his BMW.

“Washington State Hospital.” I reply, “Hey guys?”


"I thought I could apply for college," I say nervously.

They all start crackly up laughing expect Niall.

“Why would you do that?” Liam asks.

"That's a stupid idea," Zayn says.

“I wouldn’t do that if I was you.” Laughs Louis.

"Yeah. You're not smart enough to do that." Harry says, without think, "Shit! Sorry, I didn't mean that."

“Yeah. Whatever. College was a stupid idea.” I say look out the window and blinking back my tears.

“Hey,” Whispers Niall, in my ear, “You were serious about the college idea. Weren’t you.”

I nod then whisper back, “It doesn’t matter. Besides the guys made it clear that college is a bad idea.”

Niall sighs, “Don’t listen to them. They had the same reaction when I said I wanted to go to college.”

I turn and stare at him, “You wanted to go to college,”

“I still do.”

“I have an idea. Maybe we should apply for college, if we get in then the boy can’t do anything about it. If we don’t get in the boys don’t know about it. Sound good?”

Niall smiles, “Sounds good.”

"Hey, Madison?" Asks Harry.


"Are you still pissed at me about the slave thingy?"

I sigh, “No.”

He smiles widely, “Yesssssss!”

"Uh, guys?" Louis cuts in, "We are here."

I whistle, “Damn I always thought that the drive from New York to Washington would be longer.”

“I kinda speed a little.” Mumbles Liam.

We all laugh.

We slowly walk into the hospital.

“What room is Sammy Carter?” Zayn asks the lady at the front counter.

“Room 526.”

We all race to the elevator and laugh as we just miss it.


Room 523

Room 524

Room 525

Room 526. Sammy’s.

“Guys. I’m scared to do this.”

"Don't worry you will be fine," Niall says.

“Yeah. Besides, we will be with you the whole time.” Harry says.

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