Living with One Direction

Madison Carter like every other 15 year-old girl is taken to a slave house were she learns the Motto 'Talk little, Wear little and Eat Little'.
This is a story of how Madison is afraid of One Direction but after some ups and downs she learns to trust them. And maybe even love one of them....
** Warning! I don't know the guys personally so I don't know if they are like this in real life **


9. Loagn part 2

* Logan *

Madison lets out a long breath, "FINE! Logan, you have five minutes to explain yourself. And no the guys aren't going anywhere."

I smile at her but she glares at me.

I sigh, "Look, Madison, I have said sorry. What else do you want?"

"I don't know. Maybe an explanation. They are usually helpful retard." She laughs bitterly.

“Okay. I will explain everything but you guys have to PROMISE not to speak until I have finished. Got it?”

I look around and everyone nods.

I take a deep breath, “Okay. When I was 12, Madison was 4. I had a friend called Spencer. Do you remember him Madison?" 

Her eyes go wide and she nods, looking down at the ground.

"Well, he came to our house one day and I had quickly gone to the bathroom. When I came back he had Madison pinned against the wall. She was screaming and kicking at him, but it was useless. He saw me and smirked, he said and I quote, 'If you don't do exactly as I say I will came back her in 4 years time and, well, do somethings to Madison that aren't going to be pleasant.'"

Madison let out a small sob. Remembering it all to well.

"So I did whatever Spencer told me to do. I had to mean to everyone even Madison. Spencer had my entire house wired up, I have no clue how he did that but still. Then on my 13 birthday he said he had a couple of people he had me want to meet. Their names were Ricky and Paul. I still have nightmares about them today. They were drug dealers. I know because they told me so. They said, 'I we get caught you take the blame okay kid?' and I agreed. One night whilst we were at their warehouse the cops came and ask what we were doing. I bolted, running 10 miles home. They got busted. The day I run away, I actually got caught by the police. Mum and Dad didn't want you to know so they said that."

I look at Madison, with teary eyes. Niall and Harry have a comforting arm around her. The other boys are close by.

"Madison I'm so sorry for not telling you sooner. I'm sorry that you thought it was your fault. I'm sorry for everything. Everyday after I got out of Juevie, I wanted to go back home and see you but I was a coward. I didn't want you to find out what I happened and I din't think that you wanted to see me. I didn't even once think about you blaming yourself. I was so selfish. I'm so so sorry, Mads." I sob.

She replies by running up to me with tear-stained cheeks and giving me a back hug.

I never want to let go of her a go again.

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