Living with One Direction

Madison Carter like every other 15 year-old girl is taken to a slave house were she learns the Motto 'Talk little, Wear little and Eat Little'.
This is a story of how Madison is afraid of One Direction but after some ups and downs she learns to trust them. And maybe even love one of them....
** Warning! I don't know the guys personally so I don't know if they are like this in real life **


6. Care to explain?


Harry swaggers back downstairs looking sad, “How do I make it up to her?”

Moments later Maddy enters the living room, “So you guys…” She trails off. She throws her phone at me, “Care to explain?”

We look at her phone, confused until I realise that it is on YouTube with NIGHT CHANGES?

Oh, No. Maddy found out who we are. I look at Zayn, we have come to the same conclusion. He nods slightly and says, "Um I have to go pee."

Maddy ignores him, her harsh gaze on me. Zayn stands just outside the door so Maddy can’t escape.

"Look, Madison," Says Louis, "You were in the slave house so we didn't think you knew who we were and we liked that so we didn't tell you."

“Why didn’t you tell me,” she growls. I look at Maddy and notice that she isn’t angry about the fact that we didn’t tell her, she is hurt BECAUSE we didn’t tell her.

“We’re sorry. We were gonna tell you. Honest.” I say. She looks at the floor. “Maddy. We’re sorry OK?”

She nods, “I’m not upset with you guys but I’m hurt that you guys didn’t tell me. You really should have told me soon, you guys are really good.”

Zayn comes back and sits on the couch knowing Maddy isn’t going anywhere.

“So?” I ask, “Who is making dinner?”

Harry coughs, “Madison.” Cough. Cough.

Maddy death glares at him and he laughs, “I’m joking girl. Jeez. Calm down. I was thinking pizza maybe?”

We all nod in agreement.

“Cool. I’ll go order it.”

Liam turns the TV back on.

"Now in breaking news. A young 19-year-old man has been taken to hospital in a serious condition." A photo of the man appears on the screen.

Maddy gasps and I look at her. She knows who the man is…

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