meeting 1d

this ordinary girl named Matilda she is going to England and staying in a hotel. Everybody is talking about the 1D concert coming up. Matilda is not a big fan of 1D but when she realizes that 1D is staying in the same hotel as her. read for more


1. traveling to england

Matilda Pov

I got out of bed and went to check my mail it was one of those advertising brochures, it was advertising a trip to England. I went back in my house and threw the advertiser on the kitchen bench like I didn't care about the advertiser. I sat one then couch and ate my bacon and egg on toast and watched the news, it was about one direction touring around England I wasn't really interested in 1d so I just turned it off.

I looked back at the advertiser and thought for a moment, wouldn't it be cool to go to England for the holidays but I wouldn't win that stupid prize. but I thought maybe I should just enter it just for fun but there's no chance of me winning.

 [the next morning]

I got in my car to go to work, I worked at Starbucks it always got busy there. I was listening to the radio it was about announce the winner of the trip to England.

(radio presenter)

we have got the results in my hand the winner is....... Matilda

(back to Matilda)

I screamed in excitement I am going to England !!!


authors note

hey guys I am new to movella and I hope you guys enjoyed my this chapter I will update the next chapter in a week because I am really busy this week.


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