meeting 1d

this ordinary girl named Matilda she is going to England and staying in a hotel. Everybody is talking about the 1D concert coming up. Matilda is not a big fan of 1D but when she realizes that 1D is staying in the same hotel as her. read for more


2. busy,busy

 Matilda's POV

I got out of car, I have just finished work. I went on my website to check when I leave for England it said 21/6/16 and that was tomorrow. I am going to be so busy packing tonight.

I woke up early to go to the airport.

there was a massive line at the airport.

I had to wait an hour for the plane to arrive.

[1 hour later]

the plane had arrived I hopped on and looked for my seat it was seat number 16.

I found the seat it looked comfy and soft. I sat down and drifted of to sleep because I had a big day.

[12 hours later]

I woke up and looked out the window of the airplane It looked like we have arrived in England.

 I got out of the plane and got a taxi too the hotel I am staying at.

I was room 52 it looked nice and cosy.

I unpacked my clothes into the drawers.

after I did that I heard lots of screaming outside my door.


Authors note: sorry this short but hoped you liked it.


what's your favourite country?

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