meeting 1d

this ordinary girl named Matilda she is going to England and staying in a hotel. Everybody is talking about the 1D concert coming up. Matilda is not a big fan of 1D but when she realizes that 1D is staying in the same hotel as her. read for more


3. 1D

Matilda's POV

I looked outside my door and there was a crowd looking down the hotel stairs.

I tried to squeeze my way through the crowd.

I looked down and there was 1D.

no wonder girls were crying there eyeballs out.

they were coming near my hotel room.

I heard Louis the member of 1D say we are room 53.

that was next door to me. I thought in my head for second that there is going to be a lot of noise where I am staying.

I went outside of my hotel room and went to the vending machine that was in the hall way .

I got my favourite chocolate which was a mars bar.

as I turned around there was a boy tall brown hair with a beanie on.

it was Louis Tomlinson I quickly went back to my hotel room as I did Louis yelled "stop, wait".

I turned back around and replied with" what is it?". "what is your name?" he smiled back

"Matilda" "well that's a  beautiful name" he said.

I walked back to my hotel room and I felt this connection to Louis.



sorry haven't been on In a while have been on holidays

hope you liked this chapter  

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