An unfinished story

Follow the story of Maddy and her boyfriend, told through his eyes.

This started as a joke story for two of my friends and the order isn't chronological. Once it's finished you can follow it chronologically but until then its's just to dip in and out of.


2. Pg127

Maddy cradled her child in her arms. You lie on the other sofa, seemingly asleep and listen as she begins to tell your daughter a story. "Once upon a time the lives a beautiful fairy princess, from the realm of Nympaya. When she was born she had a mass of dark curls covering her head and her mother promised she would never cut it" you listen to her telling the story, you heart overwhelmed with love for the two most beautiful girls you had ever seen. The story draws to an end and Maddy begins to sing a lullaby, her voice resonating through the air, as pure as snow on a crisp December morning. At that moment you can hold it in no longer and roll over to see her. She hold the bundle in her arms, twiddling with the dark curls on your daughters head. She's glowing, her hair tumbling down her back and at the moment you realise you could never love anyone more in your entire existence

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