An unfinished story

Follow the story of Maddy and her boyfriend, told through his eyes.

This started as a joke story for two of my friends and the order isn't chronological. Once it's finished you can follow it chronologically but until then its's just to dip in and out of.


1. Pg100

Maddy smiles across the table at you, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear. You're sat in a small restaurant in Paris, waiting for your dessert to arrive. You've planned this trip for months, saving up your small pay check each month until you could finally afford what you needed to. You pat the inner pocket of your coat, checking it is still there. You feel the hard edges of the tiny box press into your fingers and you nod to the waiter hovering nearby. "Gen, do you remember when we first met?" She looks at you puzzled. "You were holding a notebook with the Eiffel Tower on it" She laughs at you "Was i? I don't remember" The waiter comes back over, places down your desserts and then produces two glasses of champagne and places them on the table, subtly winking as he does so. "Well I realised back then that I wanted this to happen" You reach into your pocket and produced the small Tiffany blue box that holds your future. You stand up and Gen looks at you shocked. You sink to one knee, open the box and smile. "Madeline Sophia Barker. Will you make me the happiest man alive?"

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