Here He Comes

A Call of Duty Zombies fan fiction, all about the story of Papa Panzer and Mama Spider.


1. The End of the War

       That's when it all started, 1918.  A little workshop in the trenches of Northern France sits Edward Richthofen. Parts are scattered everywhere, as gunshots can be heard outside.  It's the end of the war, but something is being born.  "Panzer Soldat" is engraved on the metal of the head.  "It is finished," shouted Richthofen!  Now laying on the table is a shiny, large robotic suit equipped with a claw, flamethrower, and electric shock cannon.  As Dr. Richthofen looks over his finished work, in comes Nikolai, Dempsey, and Takeo.  "We need to go now!" commands Dempsey.  "The zombies are coming!" yells Takeo.  "I need more vodka!" cries Nikolai.  Quickly, Edward picks up his Bowie knife and rushes out the door with the rest of the crew.  "Run!" screams Richthofen, "They're right behind us."  "Get on the tank!" said Nikolai.  As the four characters get on the tank, a siren blazes out of nowhere.  "What was that?" questions Dempsey.  Off in the distance, a little black blob falls out of the sky.  "That better not be that armored suit you made Edward," said Takeo.  Unfortunately, BOOM!!!  Right in front of tank drops the Panzer.  "Good thing I got this," Dempsey says as he pulls out a MG08.  "Ping" go the bullets as they penetrate the helmet of the Panzer Soldat. "Cash!"  The Panzer falls to the ground and bursts into a cloud of smoke and flames.  "That was a close one," said Dempsey.  "Yeah," commented Richthofen awkwardly.


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