Runaways - EP

This is my first album. It includes both audio and lyrics. The actual music is your classic singer/songwriter stuff, filled with lots of piano and a little guitar/drums. I hope you enjoy and please tell me how I can improve.


7. 6. Family





We are [Bb] a family [G]

No matter [A] how it seems[D].

I’d die  [Bb] for each of them [G]

I’d cross [A] the seven seas [D]


[Verse 1]

They, fight [D]

They disagree [A]

But they’d never [G] hurt me [Bb]


This world [D]

Is too big [A]

And our house [G] is too small [Bb]




[Verse 2]

We go [D]

Our separate ways [A]

And then we come [G] together [Bb]


People [D]

They stare at us [A]

But they don’t know [G] out love [Bb]



Every time [A] it hurts [D]

I just [G] remember [Bb] 

[Chorus x 2]


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