Runaways - EP

This is my first album. It includes both audio and lyrics. The actual music is your classic singer/songwriter stuff, filled with lots of piano and a little guitar/drums. I hope you enjoy and please tell me how I can improve.


6. 5. Where Do the Wishes Go?




[Verse 1]

A young [C] girl feels [G] alone

She wishes [Am] upon a star [F]



Where [C] do the wishes [F] go

That never [G] come true [C]?

Do they [C] become a[F]

Part[G] of you[C]?


[Verse 2]

She sits [C] in a black [G] dress,

And wishes [Am] for the sun[F]

She prays [C] for her loved [G] one’s soul

And wishes [Am] for all to be done [F]




[Verse 3]

She fights[C] and she get [G] back up

The damage [Am] might be done [F]

She wonders [C] where her wishes went [G]

And if[Am] it was for a reason [F]


[Modified Chorus]

This [C] is where your wishes[F]

That run[G] and part[C].

They [C] find a secret [F] way

 Into [G] you heart [C]

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