Runaways - EP

This is my first album. It includes both audio and lyrics. The actual music is your classic singer/songwriter stuff, filled with lots of piano and a little guitar/drums. I hope you enjoy and please tell me how I can improve.


4. 3. I Wish





[Verse 1]

I [C] wish I was [Am]

So [C] many things [Am]

Wish [f] I could be just  [Am] about anything [F]



Tall [C], short, skinny [Am], or round [G]

Smart [C], Funny, Lost [Am], or Found [G]

So [C] many things [Am] to be{G]

Why [C] can’t they [Am] be [G] me?


[Verse 2]

 [C]They wish I was [Am]

So [C] many things [Am]

Wish [F] be to be [Am] what they aren’t [F].



Into [C] sport[Am] or

Not [C] at all [Am]


Into [C] love [A]m] or

All[F] alone [F,Am}


What’s [C] the solution?[Am]

Just [C]one word[Am]:

No [D}




I [C] don’t wish [Am] to be

What [C] they aren’t [Am]

I wish[F] to be me[D,C].


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