Runaways - EP

This is my first album. It includes both audio and lyrics. The actual music is your classic singer/songwriter stuff, filled with lots of piano and a little guitar/drums. I hope you enjoy and please tell me how I can improve.


3. 2. Runaways





[Verse 1]

Our home [Dm] is a world [C] away [Dm].

All we’ve got [F] is today [Bbm]

Perfection [Dm] is nothing. [C,Dm]

Reality [F] is landing. [Bbm].



We (Bbm) are the runaways ( C)

The ones (F) you never see.

We (Bbm) don’t anything – (C )

All need (F) we need you (Dm) and me (F).


[Verse 2]

Everything [Dm] thing is okay[C, Dm],

If you stay [F]with me today [Bb,m].

I thought [Dm] everything [C] was freed [Dm].

Until [F] she left me [Bbm].




Sometimes [Dm] I miss [Bbm] my home [Dm]

I [Bbm]  don’t feel [F] alone [Dm].


[Modified Chorus x2]

I don’t wanna [Bbm] be runaway[C]

The ones[F] you wanna leave.

I’ll [Bbm] give up anything [C]

If you [F] stay [Dm] with me[F].








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