Girl Almighty

The War of Two Worlds, also known as the War to End all Wars, was fought between the enemies of the members of the Justice League and S.H.I.E.L.D. Because those enemies were teamed up, the Justice League and S.H.I.E.L.D. teamed up to stop these evildoers. There was great loss and suffering and from this arose The Academy. The Academy was a place where students from both S.H.I.E.L.D and the Justice League could train in harmony, and this was just the beginning. Logan and Jaylen were new students at this Academy. One was from Justice League, the other S.H.I.E.L.D. This was just the start. They would train and learn with main students from the same background. Logan was friends with two boys, Niall and Louis, Jaylen was friends with Liam and Harry. All was well until there was word of the possiblity of another war but this time the only people who can stop them are the students from the Academy.


1. One

"Here is Jaylen Leia Granger's file" Agent Natasha Romanoff said as she handed the very small file over to Agent Phil Coulson. There had been multiple disturbances involving the girl. Phil looked over the file, "she appears to live in the small town of Oakley, Kansas" he said to the pilot. He handed the file back to Natasha as the plane took off. 

Natasha looked at the file. The girl hasn't had any disturbances up until, what looks like, her thirteenth birthday. Natasha sighed. It sounds like she needs to go see Charles Xavier. Natasha looked forward. It seemed wrong to have to take a child from her family.

The ride to the Granger farm took about an hour. Natasha and Phil stood as the plane landed a few yards away from the house. Natasha and Phil waited for the door to open before beginning to walk. They both had to squint their eyes as they were met with the blinding sun before walking to the front porch. 

The house was old looking and seemed to be slipping on its foundations. The wood was a dark brown and it looked like a haunted house. This, of course, didn't scare the agents but did worry them.

Phil took a step towards the door and knocked three times before stepping back in line with Natasha. It was about ten seconds before the door opened revealing a large man with a rifle in his hands. He had dark hair and had not shaved in a while. His white shirt was stained with mud and beer. "What do you want?" The man asked in a rough voice. 

Phil cleared his throat "I am looking for a Jaylen Granger, is she your daughter?" Phil asked. 

"Jaylen ain't no daughter of mine" the man said. "No one is here but me. Now if you'll be so kind, I'd rather not be interrogated about some girl who ain't here." The man was closing the door when there was a loud crash from upstairs. 

Natasha looked at the man "If there is no one here but you then what was that?" She asked. 

The man started to sweat "Um... That was the dog. Yeah! The dog!" He said

Phil looked at the man "If that was the dog then you won't mind if we go and see for ourselves." He said, pushing past the man and heading up the stairs. Natasha followed him when they heard another crash. Natasha went for her gun but Phil stopped her.

They searched the upstairs when they found a door to the attic. Phil unlocked the latch and pulled down the latter before climbing up it. When he reached the top he looked around and saw a small figure whimpering in the corner. Natasha pushed past Phil to see the young girl. Her feet were chained to the floor. Her whole body was covered in dirt and dust. Her eyes were watery and there was tear streaks down her cheeks. Natasha took a step forward. "Hello, I'm Natasha, please don't be afraid. You don't have to fear him anymore. What's your name?" She asked

The girl looked at her "Jaylen," she said "Jaylen Leia Granger" she said.

Natasha nodded, taking a couple steps closer "Jaylen we are here to take you away from this place."

Jaylen looked at her. "where are you taking me?" She asked

"To a better place than this"


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