The Adventures of George Weasley: Vengence

George Weasley copes with the loss of his brother, Fred, while plotting his vengeance on Agustus Rookwood. As Harry Ron and Hermione try to help him get over his loss by the reconstruction of Hogwarts, he learns that there is more important things than revenge as he forms a strong bond with a certain female Ravenclaw.


2. Vengance


    The wind was gentle as we laid Fred to rest. It was early July and we were all gathered under the willow tree behind the Burrow. There was a lot of people there. I had heard my mother mention the Griffindor quidditch team, half the hogwarts staff, and all of shop owners in Diagon Alley. But I didn't really see their faces through the haze of shock that clouded my vision. 

    I had picked Freds coffin. It was bright orange, as  vivid as the famous Weasley hair. The lid had a collage of all of Freds happiest memories on it. I noticed I was on most of them.

   My mother had enchanted brightly colored roses for the guest to place in the vase near the coffin. All the guest had to do was say their happiest memory to the rose, and the Weasleys could listen to it whenever they wanted. But I had not placed a rose. I did want to think of the times we had had together, nor the things we could never do again.

   Professor McGonagal was speaking in front of the crowd, her face wistful, but I was not listening. I was thinking about how different this funeral would be if Fred himself had planned it. There would be no sermon. Instead, probably a bouncy house. For the first time in a month, I could feel myself smiling. It was very odd to feel, as though someone else mouth was attached to my face.   

   When at last the ceremony was over, the guest gone, I could feel the tension leave my family, like a breath after a long time under water, or the air being let out of a balloon. But I was not relieved, because i could only feel one emotion.



  "George?" Ron whispered. He must have know i was lying awake. I was sharing a room with him and Harry, while Percy was sleeping in Fre- in my room.

"Yeah?" I murmured back.

" All you alright?"


" No you aren't." Silence greeted his words."You just need to distract yourself. How about you come help me and Harry and Hermione fix up Hogwarts tomorrow? All of the D.A will be there."

I grunted.

"Good then. Ill wake you tomorrow at 7." And at that, we both allowed the black waves of dreamless sleep to wash over our heads, and I hoped that I would never wake up.


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