The Adventures of George Weasley: Vengence

George Weasley copes with the loss of his brother, Fred, while plotting his vengeance on Agustus Rookwood. As Harry Ron and Hermione try to help him get over his loss by the reconstruction of Hogwarts, he learns that there is more important things than revenge as he forms a strong bond with a certain female Ravenclaw.


1. The Loss

He seemed to know I was there. Fred, that is. His face was laughing, but his eyes were blank. My eyes saw what u refused to believe as a battle raged around me. The castle crumbled, keen on collapsing into a once so respected pile of dust. But I was oblivious. Because surely, not in a million years could my brother be dead.

Freds mouth was casting an eerie grin upon my face. I turned, facing the man who I hated so much. His wand was held aloft, a look of savage triumph upon his face. I knew that he had fired the spell that had killed my brother, but i couldn't feel the anger that should have claimed me. All I could feel was numbness. The light of the battle illuminated Freds face, and I could tell he was gone. I let out a pitiful moan as he left hogwarts, left the world, left me. And as he made his exit, he took most of me with him.



Ok. Sorry to leave you hanging. I know, that was an EXTREMELY short chapter. As you probably already know, this story is first person from the perspective of George Weasley. Just hang with me here. Something you may need to know: Luna is not in the same year as ginny in this story. She is the same age (in fact, a little older) than Harry. George is one year older that Harry.

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