The Adventures of George Weasley: Vengence

George Weasley copes with the loss of his brother, Fred, while plotting his vengeance on Agustus Rookwood. As Harry Ron and Hermione try to help him get over his loss by the reconstruction of Hogwarts, he learns that there is more important things than revenge as he forms a strong bond with a certain female Ravenclaw.


4. Luna


   "Honestly, I'm not surprised to see you here." I said laughing. "I didn't know you were an animigus Luna!"

"Oh, I have been for a while." Luna said, her voice dreamy. "But enough about me. What are you doing here George?"

I sighed. "I guess I just needed some time to think. But please don't go," I said as she turned to leave. "I would like some company now."

Luna smiled. 

Just then, the cold reached me, and I sank slowly back into depression all at once. Then I heard her.

"Expecto Patronum" said Luna firmly, and the dark hooded figures retreated to the darkness of the woods once more.

"Dementors," I breathed. "I should have known."

"Why didn't you make a patronus, George? I have seen you do it before! Harry tough us all 3 years ago." She said, her voice curious.

" I haven't been able to since Fred..." My voice trailed off, but she knew what I meant. 

"Hmmmm... I think i need to do something about that. Come here." She guided me over the middle of the meadow, holding my wrist. She flicked her wand, and a paper cutout of a dementor appeared on a nearby tree.

"You know the words," She whispered. "Now, the memory."

But my mind was blank.

"Anything... c'mon Georgie."

 It was of my joke shop that I thought of when a silver coyote finally burst from my wand. Luna laughed when it did, the sound echoing in the clearing.


"Well, we best be getting back," She said, after hours of talking. "The sun is starting go down." I nodded in agreement, and we walked back together, hand in hand, and I knew that i had finally found someone worth my time. I had finally found a friend

Authors note: Thanks for sticking with me guys! Im sorry I took so long for this chapter to come out, I have been planning another novella for you guys. I know this chapter was mostly dialogue, I just needed to clear some things up. Just a reminder, I really appreciate comments and likes! 

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