The Adventures of George Weasley: Vengence

George Weasley copes with the loss of his brother, Fred, while plotting his vengeance on Agustus Rookwood. As Harry Ron and Hermione try to help him get over his loss by the reconstruction of Hogwarts, he learns that there is more important things than revenge as he forms a strong bond with a certain female Ravenclaw.


5. Into the Wreckage

   As Luna and I walked back to Hogwarts, we continued to talk. I learned that Luna was pursuing a career in shop owning. She wanted to start a shop in diagon alley that sold exotic pets. I had laughed. She had smacked my arm. 

"George, I'm not kidding!" she had whined.
"I know, thats why I'm laughing! You're just so unusual, you attract my attention!" I had remarked. She smiled.

"Maybe we could partner our shops. Weasley's Wizard Wheezes and Lovegoods Animal Emporium. It would be perfect!"

"You know, I just might take you up on that offer." She smiled. As we made our way through the front gate, I raised my wand and began to repair fallen items. After an hour, the room we were working on was almost back to normal. Filtch and his scraggly cat oversaw our progress, occasionally muttering criticism under their breaths (in Mrs.Norris's case, it was a slight hissing). I was reminded of Kreatcher the house elf. I almost laughed.



"I saw that," Said Luna. I had almost forgotten she was there. "You smiled. It was brief, but there. Thats progress, G-man."


"Thought I'd try something new. You don't like it?"

"Not in the slightest." I laughed, and Luna beamed. My laugh faded, and I looked away from her. She stared, but she didn't push me to talk to her. Thats one of the many things I like about Luna Lovegood.

"You remind me of him, a little." I said. She looked at me thoughtfully. 

"That's a complitment," I was silent. "Its a compliment because Fred reminded me of you." And before I knew it, Luna had pecked me on the cheek and had left the castle. 


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