Thousands of years after a nuclear war that destroyed ninety percent of life, an era of rural communities and primitivism was formed. As Chloe and her friends, find their place in the calm community of Vaterra, they find that everything is not as it seems and strange abilities they were never supposed to know they had.


3. Chapter 3 (explicit warning)

"It's been a while since I tended to your hair. How old were you, twelve?"

Chloe rests her head back against the the tub and gives her mom a small smile with her eyes close.

"It was either thirteen it close to that."

She winced as her mother pulled out her tangles.

"I'm almost done love just a few more." she soothed.

Chloe quickly stood from the tub when the pain was over. She wanted to get out before her mother saw anymore tangles in her hair.

"Dry off while I'll go find my dress."

Chloe was left to her thoughts as she rubs excess water from her chestnut colored skin.

As she peered in the mirror, her curls were matted, beaten down from the water. When she was young, she liked her hair like this and it took her a while to love her curly strands. Chloe takes the cloth and squeezes more liquid from her hair, just enough so her hair could dry quickly.

Her mother returned with a white ruffled short dress in a joyous mood.

"It has been so long since this dress was worn, decades I believe. You need to promise me that your own child will wear it to their graduation party someday. Down the line everyone who wore this dress met their love at the party. It was no different with me and your father."

Her mother has a dreamy, far off gleam in her eyes as she remembers her time at the party. Chloe has heard the story dozens of times and she would believe in the romantic stories. She and Jimmy would dance the night away and get married soon after and live happily for the rest of their lives. For some reason, she has and odd feeling that this would not be the case for tonight.

You start to say and do things you wouldn't have otherwise...

Chloe wanted to believe it would just be confessing to Jimmy about her crush not that doing so fails to scare more, but now that she thinks about Annie's words she feels her mentor is hinting at something else.

"If you want to be on time you should stop staring into space," her mother urged.

"Throw your arms out so I can put this on you."

Chloe followed her mothers orders and allowed the soft fabric to rub against her skin and fit on her body. She is surprised with how light the dress is.

Her mother's smile melted into a sad frown and tears shed from her eyes.

"You're so beautiful and growing up so fast."

Chloe's mother embraces her tightly.

"I still remember when you were a little thing and your father reading you to sleep. I miss him so much."

She sobs into the dress as Chloe returns the embrace. Her own eyes begin to sting and allows stray tears to flow.

"I wish he was hear for this."

Her mother holds her tighter at he comment.

"He would be so proud of you." she whispers.

Her mother presses off of her and wipes both of their tears.

"Look at us, we're ruining the dress!" she chuckles as she straightens the fabric.

"I need to be taking you to the party, we can reminisce later," she tells herself.

The Mayor's house was bustling with activity. Citizens were crowding to drop and say goodbye to their children as music from instrumentalists, echoed from the extravagant home. Former students chatted and screamed excitedly upon entering. Chloe instinctively grabs her mother's hand. She felt like a child again.

"You're going to have fun," her mother assures as they pad closer to the mansion.


The Mayor comes up behind them. Her mother smiles joyfully at the man and embraces him in a joyful manner.

"It's good to see you! I haven't seen you sinc-"

"Yes, it's been a while Jacob," her mother cuts off.

The Mayor gives her an admiring smile before facing Chloe.

"Your daughter looks like you when we were younger! There is no doubt she'll grow up pretty. My son is lucky. Come to think of it, my son is inside if you want to find him while I catch up with your mother."

Chloe beams at both of them and travels inside. She can see familiar faces laughing and dancing happily. Her heart leaps when she spots Jimmy. Before she can take another step, she is stopped by guards.

"Take this."

One of them hands her a cup.

"And drink."

Them guards' states were intimidating enough to coerce her into drinking the liquid. It was a sweet enticing, addicting flavor that drinks within seconds. Once she finishes, she hands the cup back to the guards. Both open their arms out for her to proceed.

She immediately looks back to the spot to where she found Jimmy to find him gone. She pushes through the dancing bodies in an attempt to find him. As minutes pass, her search becomes harder and harder. The room was spinning and she feels dizzy.

You start to say and do things you wouldn't have otherwise... her voice echoes again

For what seemed like hours in the span of only minutes, she finally finds Jimmy but this time, pressed up against the wall by Octavius. Thor bodies move in sync with the music as they openly kiss and grind against each other.

Chloe stares in shock at the scene and feels a deep tear in her chest. Jimmy looks up from Octavius to spot her. Before she lets him call to her an explain, she flees the other way in tears. Chloe is so blinded in her sadness she fails to see in front of her and bumps into a figure. Her sadness all but disappears as she sees the silver hair.

"Cassidy," she sighs with relief and love as she holds her arms around her.

The silver haired girl returns the embrace with equal force.

"I was looking everywhere for you, but I couldn't find you," Cassidy sobbed.

Chloe shushes her and smooths her hair.

"I'm here now, I'll never leave you I promise."

Chloe pulled her friend in for a deep kiss to which the other eagerly reciprocated.

She grabs the smaller girls hips and grinds them against hers. Their moans melted in with the moans around them. Both want to be consumed by the other.

The room is hot and everyone around them were copying their movements.

Before she can let out another breath, she is being dragged away from Cassidy and can't help but let out a whimper.

She is turned around to find Jimmy holding her. The emotions inside her are running wild.

"Chloe," he whined.

"I'm so sorry. I'll always want you."

She cried with happiness she has never felt so much joy, it almost felt like too much joy.

They both pulled in for an insatiable kiss. Tears rolled down her eyes the pleasure of the touch was too much.

It was as if her heart and emotions are taking control of her mind. She wants to understand what has happened to all of them yet she wants to keep kissing and touching.

She eyes Cassidy and Octavius kissing each other deeply as her own hips grind against Jimmy's. Jealousy and increased desire enters her body.

She desperately wanted to go back to Cassidy and kiss Octavius as well, but she didn't want to lose Jimmy. Chloe whimpers at her dilemma while continuing to moan and move against Jimmy's body.

"Why can't I be with all of you? Why do I feel this way?" Jimmy whispers desperately to her.

All four of them were in desperate need of each other.

Their bodies are at pinnacle of lust while their minds are at the peak confusion.

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