Let me love you

Story about a girl who can't imagine her life without her love.


3. Boring day at school.

All students were listening what teacher was talking about except Jelena and Elena.

Jelena:Miss, you have to tell me what happened yesterday.

Elena: Gosh Jelena, if you could only see his smile when he saw at the airport and feel his hugs.

Jelena: Awww, you'll be really stupid if you two won't get married one day.

Elena laughs shyly.

Teacher: Jelena and Elena stop talking, you are disturbing others.

Jelena: We should go on a coffee after school, so you can tell me more details.

Elena: Sure, but not everything. And what about you and a guy you met on your friends birthday?

Teacher: Shhhh!!!

Jelena: I'll tell you later.

As hours were passing Elena was watching at the clock and counting hours when she will see her love again.


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