Let me love you

Story about a girl who can't imagine her life without her love.


4. After school.

Elena: Bye Jelena. See you tomorrow.

Jelena: Bye. ( hug Elena )

As Elena went out of school she saw her boyfriend waiting for her.

Elena: What are you doing here? ( hugging him )

Jay: I couldn't wait you to come home from school so i came to see you.

Elena: Awww. I missed you to bae.

Jay: Shall we go home or you will keep hugging me.

Elena: ( laughs shyly ). We can go home.

When they came home Elena came closer to Jay and hug him again.

Elena: Love, I have something for you.

Jay: Really!? What?

Elena: Shhh. Just close your eyes.

As Jay closed his eyes Elena gave him a sweet kiss.

Jay: Wow!

Elena: Do you like it?

Jay: Of course I like it. Can I have one more?

Elena didn't say anything just kissed him again.

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