It's like we never happened, was it just a lie?


6. Prom

Last chapter!!! Enjoy!! 


I’ve been home for a week now and I haven’t spoken to Allie since that day on the bus. I’m so scared of Finn since I know now that he tried to rape me. All week I’m trying to call Luke, but something inside me is scared. Maybe I should go to his house, and just talk to him face to face. But then again… I don’t know how to handle this shit because I don’t remember any of this. I feel so bad for Luke, mom told me we were good friends. Anyways it is prom today, I should probably call Allie to make things up with her. You can’t go to prom without your best friend, though. I try calling her and text her but she doesn’t respond at anything. Then there’s no other choice than going to her house. When I open the door Allie is standing in front of it. “Allie?” I say surprisingly. “Lola, I’m sorry for the other day.” She starts. “I can’t tell you why, but Lola please listen to me. Don’t go to prom with Finn.” She’s begging me. Come on in, I’ll explain.

“So,” I start. “I’ve had this weird dream, which wasn’t a dream actually because my brother told me it really happened.” “You got your memory back?” Allie interrupts me. “No, not really just that thing.” I say. “So then what did you dream?” She asks. “Finn was trying to rape me.” Her jaw drops. “I can’t believe it, I mean, I was so mad with you and the others because and especially with Luke for beating up Finn, but now I understand why I couldn’t be with him. I understand why Luke did that, he’s the one who saved me that night, and… in the accident I heard. I can’t believe he didn’t say that to me, mom told me we were good friends so why would he lie?” I shake my head and fold my hands. Allie nods. “What am I supposed to do Allie?”. “I think you should go talking with Luke.” She says. “I thought about it, but I’m scared.” I shuffle my feet over the dirty floor. “You don’t have to be, Luke is a sweet guy.” Allie smiles at me. “Okay, I’ll go before prom, then maybe we can together.” I suggest. “Wonderful idea! Now I’m going home, because otherwise I’ll be late for prom.” She stands up and walks towards the front door. “I’ll see you tonight!” She says and then closes the door.



I’m so nervous. Prom starts in two hours and I still have to go to Luke. Finn texted me all day but I didn’t reply. He’ll probably be mad at me, let’s hope he doesn’t try to rape me again. How could someone do that? I just can’t understand… but anyways, I’m heading to Luke right now. I walk downstairs and see mom just entering. “Ohh wow look at my gorgeous daughter!” I begin to blush. “I’m going to Luke, talk about, you know what.” Mom smiles. “I’m proud of you!” She says and caresses my cheek. “Thank you mom, for being here for me.” She smiles.


It’s already dark outside and I’m not really comfortable walking alone. It looks like my dream, the street, the alley left of me, it’s creepy. I’m looking down at my feet as I walk then I don’t have to face people. Suddenly I bump into someone, I look up to it’s Finn. Ooh no! Just breath Lola, everything is going to be alright. I assure myself. “Lola!” Finn says like he’s drunk. “Finn.” I say smiling. “What didn’t you text me back?” He asks taking my hands.  “My phone died and I can’t find my charger.”  I pull my hands out of his. “Don’t be so aggressive!” He whispers in my ear and caresses my cheek. I’m so scared, this is not happening. It feels like I relive my dream. “I’m sorry I need to go.” I say and try to walk away but he grabs me, just like I dreamed and throws me on the floor in the alley. “NOOOOOO!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!” I scream as loud as I can. “You shut up little slut!” He puts his hand over my mouth so I can barely breathe. I see flashes, this time not like my dream. I could feel the pain and I could hear myself scream. I’m seeing more, I see Luke helping me, kissing me. I close my eyes and breathe slowly in and out. Think Lola, think, what to do… I see a knife lying next to me and I don’t think, grab the knife and stick it in Finns back. “LOLA!!!!!” I hear a voice screaming. Finn doesn’t move and then falls down on me. I push him off of me and then I realize what I did. “Omg! Omg! What did I do?! OMG!!” I hyperventilate, I start to shake, don’t know what to do. “Lola?” I hear a voice. I look up seeing Luke with his mouth open. “What happened?” He asks. “I don’t know.” I sob. “Please help me.” I start crying. Here I sit in my white dress full of blood. I hear Luke calling the ambulance and saying that Finn might be dead. “It’s okay.” Luke says comforting me. “I killed him.” I whisper looking at Luke.

I hear sirens and see the ambulance arriving. Doctors running out directly to Finn. A female doctor feels if Finn has a heart rate but as soon as she shakes her head I know he hasn’t one. Another doctor comes over to me and crouches. “Are you okay?” He asks. I shake my head. “Not really.” I answer. “Miss Lola Stewards?” I severe man asks. “That’s me.” I say with a broken voice. He walks to me and looks. “Can you tell me exactly what happened?” The officer holds a pen and paper. I look at him and start telling the whole story. “You probably won’t get sentenced since it’s the second time with the same person.” He says severe and then walks to his colleagues.  “Lola, you come with us to the hospital for a checkup.” The female doctor says. “No, actually I want to stay with Luke tonight.” I say and see Luke’s confused face. “Are you sure?” She asks. I nod and the woman leaves with ambulance.

“I remember you kissing me, hugging me, holding me. We weren’t just friends huh?” I say looking at Luke. I see a tear falling down his cheek. “No, we weren’t.” He whispers. “I don’t remember much, but I’m sure I loved you.” I wipe his tear and hug him. “I never stopped loving you, Lola.”


You've reached the end of my story!! I hope you've enjoyed it, please let me know what you liked about the story and what you didn't :)


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