Short Stories: Daily

I am going to write in this Movellas daily, a different genre every day, that's why it is other.
I am doing to try and stretch my writing ability.


8. June 26th and June 27th| Thriller and Horror

P.S This is my first time writing a horror (probably my last) and it won't be the best.


The straps tightened and she gasped the last amount of air she could handle, without it being sore. The room was dark and wispy, she couldn't turn to see behind her, but she was glad she couldn't. "You're going to die tonight." the voice haunted her head. She heard a snip. A chunk of her hair fell to the ground. Her head was sore. "What are you doing!?" she cried warm tears falling down her face. 

There was silence again. The silence. Why was there silence? No one can be this silent and be two feet away her. "You're going to die tonight." the voice wispier than ever before, made her head scream with pain. There was a cold, sharp and blunt snip on her arm. Blood flowing out her arm.


P.S If you want me to continue this please tell me. 

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