Short Stories: Daily

I am going to write in this Movellas daily, a different genre every day, that's why it is other.
I am doing to try and stretch my writing ability.


7. June 25th| Pets & Animals

*Pets POV*

The pain seared through my body as the vet took my blood to check it. 

I hope it is not bad. I don't want to leave my master.

The vet looked at the blood through a microscope and his smile got swiped off his face. He took my master out the room. And my hopes were put to shame, it was definitely bad. The vet and my master came back into the room. 

My master was crying. She came to me and gave me a huge hug. It was something really bad. "It will be okay," she whispered in my ear. The vet walked over with a huge needle and I thought it was the end for me.

"Doctor, she is coughing up blood," my master said to the vet, putting my carrier on the table in the room. "Let, me examine her."

"We will put her to sleep," the vet said to my master. The sting seared through me and my body started to paralysis. My eyes closed for the last time.

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