Short Stories: Daily

I am going to write in this Movellas daily, a different genre every day, that's why it is other.
I am doing to try and stretch my writing ability.


2. June 20th|Lyrics

You watch me go up,

Shaking, very nervously,

And now that we are leaving the past,

I want to go back,

In Time.


Years passed, 

Not knowing the future,


Why am I nervous,



You told me, 

Life's a breeze,


But now it's not

You lied to my face.



You bit me when it hurt

You took down my walls,


That should be your name. x2

(whole chorus, then second chorus last twice)


Where are you now,

After the danger,

Of the Wars,

Are you safe

At home.


Have you lied 

Some more,

Have you broken

More hearts


Have you lived up to your name,

Have you shown your,

True self,

Have they looked

At your Reflection.




You said things,

I didn't want to hear,

But you said,

We are safe,

But we have lost

The war,


We have followed you,

In stride,

We lifted our arms,

To salute you,

But we weren't there,

To fight on our side,





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