Im yours

Eve Crusatto is a normal 17 year old. It's her first day at londerson high and she's both nervous and excited. But what happens when the school is nothing like she imagined? The school has a dark secret. And Eve doesn't like what it is. At. All.


5. Zayn

Eve's PoV:

We pulled up to a massive house and the dark haired one (I really need to find out his name) walked round the car and opened my door. I smiled and followed him to the front door. He opened the door and I couldn't help but gasp "woah". He smiled briefly and I again followed him into the house. He brought me into what looked like the front room. He sat down on a sofa and gestured for me to do the same. I obliged and looked up at him nervously. He looked at me for a moment before asking my name. "Chloe" I uttered. He looked me in the eye. "Talk louder I can't hear you" I looked down be fore repeating "Chloe" louder this time. He lifted my head with his finger and told me to "stop being so nervous" I looked at him again before he said "Zayn. My names Zayn." I smiled. Zayn then got up and told me to follow. We went up a flight of stairs, to the end of a corridor. We ended up at a dark wooden door. He opened it and revealed a dark room with a large double bed at the end of the room. There was two wardrobes, two chest of drawers, two full length mirrors, two bedside tables, and a dressing table. All my stuff was on the dressing table and I'm guessing everything else was in the drawers and wardrobe. "This is our room" Zayn said. He then closed the door and left me there to settle in I guess. I walked over to the bed and got comfortable and played on my phone for a while because why not??

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