Im yours

Eve Crusatto is a normal 17 year old. It's her first day at londerson high and she's both nervous and excited. But what happens when the school is nothing like she imagined? The school has a dark secret. And Eve doesn't like what it is. At. All.


3. Emilie

Eve's PoV:

As I walked into the auditorium, I couldn't believe my eyes. The walls were lined with dressing tables that were crammed with make up and hair products. Cabinets overflowing with hair dye in every colour imaginable. Racks upon racks filled with clothing that spilled onto the floor. Students panicking about what to wear, who will like them, what will happen. Teachers rushing around in a blind panic trying to prepare everything and everyone. The strong stench of chemicals fills the air. The definition of chaos.

I walked in and was beckoned over by a teacher. She looked young though. Maybe about 20? I walked over and sat on the chair as she smiled at me and began removing my make up. She replaced it with more and looked at my hair thoughtfully. "Um, can I dye your hair?" She asked me. I looked up at her and asked "what colour?" "Well, I think it would look nice in a pastel colour, like pink or blue or purple..." I looked up at her and smiled sweetly "um, no thank you" she smiled again and nodded her head. She lightly curled my hair instead, and told me to pick an outfit.

I walked over to the clothing racks and pulled out black jeans and a tank top. I walked back over to the teacher and she shook her head. She took the outfit back and began searching until she found a black skin tight dress that was about mid thigh length and some red heels. She then sent me to a changing area and I put on the clothes and walked back out towards her. She smiled and motioned for me to sit back down.

She then applied red lipstick to my look and put a red bow at the back of my hair. She smiled at my final look and took me over to a full length mirror then stood back, looking proud of herself. As I looked in the mirror I felt an overwhelming sense of happiness. Never in my life had I felt this beautiful.

I turned round and hugged the teacher. She smiled back at me then handed me a piece of paper with her number on it. "Emilie." She said "my names Emilie." I smiled and said "I'm eve." She smiled one last time before someone came into the room and shouted that we were needed on the stage. I looked at Emilie and she reassured me that everything would be okay. I hugged her one last time before walking out towards the stage.

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