Cinderella (english)

Ella is in Africa Working With UNICEF. When a VIP arrives, she is showing him the Camp, not knowing who he is.
Shortly after she is rippes from her save haven by a family tragedy and thrown back into the pulsing London life.
Will she be ready to reenter the Real World and Can she escape the past that made her leave in the first place ?


7. Wow Ella

 He only hesitated for a second, she had caught him by surprise, then his strong arms slid around her, pulling her close to him.
 She knew she shouldn't, she didn't really know him at all, but something about him just made it impossible to resist the urge. She had second thoughts for a moment, but his kiss made her forget them.
 Ella moaned, her fingers entwined in his hair, she sucked his bottom lip into her mouth, his hands sliding down on her ass.
 "Ella are you sure ?" His voice throaty with desire in her ear, his nodded and kissed him longingly.
 His hands slided up under her T-shirt and she lifted her arms to let him pull it over her head, his mouth caressing her neck and shoulders with kisses.
 Fuck why did he have to show up here being so dahm sexy ? Ruining her promise to herself of never having to deal with men and sex again, and now she was jumping his bones after less than 24 hours, how is the for having a backbone ?
 Hans hænder gled op under hendes bluse og hun løftede armene så han kunne trække den over hendes hoved, han kyssede hende ned af halsen og på skulderen.
 It wasn't just his smoking hot body and handsome face that attracted her, it was his warmt and his passion that made him irresistible.
 Toms hands adroitly opened her bra and she let it fall to the floor, he gently cupped her breasts and she sighed, letting her nails run up his back.
 Her breasts were a perfect match for his hands, and he knew exactly how much pressure to use, her thoughts were swimming and she automatically pressede her body aganist his.
 When his mouth found her nipple, she felt her legs give in and she had to grab him to steady herself.
 He swept her up into his arms and carried her to the bed, where he softly put her down and slowly pulled of her shorts. "You are unbelievable beautiful Ella".
 His words and the way those intense eyes caressed every inch of her body, sent joyous sparks through her system.
 She let her head fall back, just savouring the feeling of his hands ang mouth slowly making there way up her legs, teasing, playfully and so very arousing.
 When he reach her inner thighs, gently nibbling, her hands was ripping at the sheets and all she could think about was how much she wanted him.
 He definitely knew what he was doing, she thought when his mouth reach her most sensitive spot, just before she had to bide her pillow to refrain from screaming and risk causing an alarm.
 She moaned his name, and her intire body felt on fire, her legs shaking, but just before she reach the top, he stopped and she whimpered with disappointment.
 He chuckled and made a trail of kisses up her stomach, stopping for a moment to tease her breasts, she felt she couldn't breathe out of sheer wanting.
 He pulled him up to kiss him deep,y and demanding, her hans running down his ample back to his very sexy ass.
 She struggled to open his belt and was starting to get fustrated, she couldn't wait any longer, she wanted him badly and right now.
 He sat up on his knees, removing her hands gently, before standing up at the end of the bed, he keept eye contact the entire time.
 Slowly he opened his belt, pulling it out, the he unbuttoned his jeans, letting them fall to the floor, stepping out of them, she savoured the sight of him, he could be carved by Michelangelo.
 He grabbed the waist of his boxers, pulling them down, Ella bit her lip to contain a gasp, he was big, much bigger than she had expected, and she felt a delightful thrill by the sight of him.
 He lay down on top of her, careful to keep some of his weight on his arms, he looked at her for permission, with those beautiful eyes and she nodded, to let him now she was ready.
 She bended her legs slightly to give him more space, slowly and gently he slided into her, she grabbed his ample shoulders, gasping delighted by the feel of him.
 He moved slowly, she could just exactly handle the size of him and she found it so very racing and naughty, she never felt anything like it before.
 The feeling of being totally filled agitated her and she felt the orgasm bildt up, she wanted him deeper, harder and faster.
 Her hands ran over his back and ass, scratching lightly with her nails, he groaned deeply, trusting a little faster.
 He kissed her ablazed, tasted her, their tongues playing, caressing each other.
 When she kissed and nippled down his neck and along his collarbone, he made a growling noise, she keept gooing incited by his excitement, and finally he forgot all caution, trusting into her deeper and faster.
 Ella wasn't sure she could even remember her own name, she could only feel him, hear him and hang onto sanity as she was sweept away by waves of pure pleasure.
 She folded her legs around his ass, pullimg him in, trusting her pelvis against him, as she screamed her orgasm into his shoulder.
 From far away she heard him moaning her name, his body tensing, the feeling of him coming i side her was enough to send her right over the edge in to the waves of orgasm once again.
 Ella sighed, her body numb and throbbing but unusually satisfied, and she savoured the feeling of his weight on her.
 He let himself glide down beside her, pulling her body close to his, whispering hoarsely. "Wow Ella, that was just wow".


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