Cinderella (english)

Ella is in Africa Working With UNICEF. When a VIP arrives, she is showing him the Camp, not knowing who he is.
Shortly after she is rippes from her save haven by a family tragedy and thrown back into the pulsing London life.
Will she be ready to reenter the Real World and Can she escape the past that made her leave in the first place ?


16. Tom plays With his food

 "Cold pizza is actually better". Ella said grinning, she was lounging stark naked on Toms couch eating a slice of kold pizza.
 Tom was sitting on the floor, leaning against the couch, his head by her navel, he bit into his slice. "Yep, I think you are right".
 The movie was running again, but none of them was really watching it, Ellas fingers was trailing absentmindedly up and down Toms biceps, he flexed his arm, glancing at her grinning.
 Ella was studying his profile, he had his glasses on again, apparently he neaded them to watch tv, it was kind of reassuring, he wasn't completely perfect.
 "What it is ? Do I have something on my face". He looked at her, rubbing his thumb on the corner of his mouth.
 She grabbed his hand, taking it to her face, putting his thumb into her mouth, sucking on it. "Nope, I was just trying to find a flaw in your perfectness".
 He turned toward her asking. "Well, did you find it ? Even though I don't really thing perfectness is a real word".
 "Not really, I was thinking about your glasses, but you look so dahm sexy in them, so it doesn't really count". She shrugged.
 He sighted and bit his lip, then he turned back toward the tv, his voice low, but she still heard him clearly as he said. "Apparently perfect, but still not good enough".
 It hurt her to hear him say that, but right now she couldn't say anything to make it better and she choose to ignore it.
 They just sat in silence, Ella started to watch the movie, and didn't realise that she started to rub his neck with one of her hands, he sighted and she let her hand run up into his hair.
 He grabbed a slice of pizza and started removing the pepperoni slices, then he turned towars her, looking quite amused. "Lay perfectly still".
 "What are you doing Tom ?" She looked at him quizzically, but he just smiled and licked his lips, making her stay still.
 He started putting the pepperoni on her naked body and she started giggling, he sent her a stern look. "I said lay still".
 He cam up on his knees next to her, then he took off his glasses, putting them on the table, he grinned at her and let his tongue trail over her stomach snatching the first piece of pepperoni from her belly button.
 He ate it and let his tongue trail farther up, till he reached her breast, letting his tongue circle her nipple, before getting another piece of pepperoni.
 Ella was already moaning, oh fuck, she knew where this would end, what as she had already caved i to him, it really didn't matter that she fell in again, she could be good tomorrow.
 His mouth found her other nipple, he sucked it into his mouth, making her squirm and he snatched the next pepperoni looking quite happy with himself.
 Tom worked his way down her body, getting the next to last piece on her left thigh, making her squeal, as it tickled.
 "Hmm that is going to be difficult". Tom was eyeing the last piece, it had slided down her thigh, almost to her crotch.
 She was breathing hard, thinking of what he would do made her dizzy and she said a little out of breathe. "It is allowed to use your fingers".
 "Nope my game, my rules". He grabbed her legs and turned her, she was now sitting on the edge of the couch a leg on each side of him, leaning back.
 He sent he a dirty smile and she bit her lip, he pulled her legs up on his shoulders, there were something very arousing about being so totally bared to him.
 Then his tongue glided up her thigh, and he snatched the last piece of pepperoni on his way, but she knew he wouldt stop there.
 His tongue and mouth teased and caressed her most sensitive spots, and she was writhing, but he grabbed her legs, pinning her making her unable to move.
 Her hands ran into his hair, entangleling in it, pulling at it, she felt she was loosing control, her legs shaking and she new she was just about done for.
 He sucked on her clitoris and it was like someone lighted a firework, she actually saw golden spots before her eyes and the the orgasm hit her like a tidal wave, so consuming she was pretty sure she actually lost consciousness for a second.
 "You look like you need a good nights sleep darling". He gently lifted her into his arms, and she put her arms around his neck snuggleling closer, she was asleep before he reached the bedroom, tucking her gently in before going downstairs to clean up.


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