Cinderella (english)

Ella is in Africa Working With UNICEF. When a VIP arrives, she is showing him the Camp, not knowing who he is.
Shortly after she is rippes from her save haven by a family tragedy and thrown back into the pulsing London life.
Will she be ready to reenter the Real World and Can she escape the past that made her leave in the first place ?


19. The thing she do not want to hear

 They were shown to one of only 8 tables in the small restaurant, it was so beautiful and romantic it left Ella speechless, the whole ceiling was hid by branches covered in white flowers.
 "Wow Tom, this is way to much and very romantic". She was watching his nervously.
 He just smiled calmly. "It is very beautiful yes, the food is said to be absolutely outstanding here, and nothing but the best is good enough for you".
 "Thank you Tom really, but you didn't need to do this, this has to be really pricy and I know getting a table isn't easy". She was eyeing him, very aware that this wasn't a place you brought a friend.
 He scratched his neck. "Don't worry about the money and my agant took care of the reservation, sometimes they come in handy, and no I didn't need to, but I wanted to".
 She was pulled in both directions, she had a bad feeling Tom was putting alot more out there right now than she could ever return, and it would end up with her having to hurt him again.
 She was really close to getting up and walking out, but she couldn't humiliate him like that, she had to stick with it til they were alone.
 They got a fantastik five course menu and Ella was somewhat happy she stayed, she had never eaten in a place like this befor, not even when she was rich and famous.
 And watching Tom eat was as always an experience on its own, he savoured every bite, making little cute and sometimes very arousing noises, and she was switching between giggling and getting hot from having naughty thoughts.
 When they had finish their meal and walked back outside, she looked up at him. "Thank you Tom, it was really amazing, but you should find a nice girlfriend to bring a place like this".
 "I am happy you liked it, could we go for a little walk ?" He looked at her, something in his eyes made her heart jump.
 A part of her were ringing the alarm, telling her to ask to be driven home right now, but she knew this was going tomhappen no matter how much she tried to escape, if not now, then another time, it was better to get it over with.
 She nodded silently and he grabbed her hand, and startet walking down the street.
 After some time in silence, Ella felt like she had to say something. "Are you looking forward to get filming again ?"
 "I must admit that I am torn, it is a freat role and everyone is really nice, but I have missed you so badly, and this time I be away for a couple of months". He was kasting her sideway glances.
 She tried to play it down. "Oh you are going to be fine sweetie, you can always call, we do something fun when you get back".
 "Are you going to miss me at all Ella ? Do you care that I am going to be so far away ?" His voice was getting strained.
 "Of course Tom, you are my friend and I like spending time with you". She knew that this were the moment it would all come tumbling down and she would have to hurt him.
 He sighted and his voice was so painfilled, she feared he would actually start crying. "And that is all I can ever be right ? Your friend, what if that is just not good enough ?"
 "Tom please, don't do this ? We have talked about this, I just can't, please accept that ?" She hated to do this and she wished she had never given him hope of anything else.
 "No Ella, my feelings are so much more than just friends, Ella I ..". She hurriedly put a finger on his lips, stopping him from saying it, she could not handle him saying that.
 She looked at him, he was clearly fighting back tears now. "I am truly sorry Tom, I wish you would find a nice girl, someone you came give you everything you deserve, but that is not me. Can you please take me home now ?"
 He nodded and they walked back to the var in silence, they didn't talk in the car either.
 Ella got out of the car, and looked at him. "I am sorry Tom, I would still love to be your friend, but I do understand if that is not possible for you".
 "Of course we are still friends, but I think I need a little distance, it will propably do me good to get away for a while, but we will talk okay ?" He gave her at fast hug and got into his car to drive away.


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