Cinderella (english)

Ella is in Africa Working With UNICEF. When a VIP arrives, she is showing him the Camp, not knowing who he is.
Shortly after she is rippes from her save haven by a family tragedy and thrown back into the pulsing London life.
Will she be ready to reenter the Real World and Can she escape the past that made her leave in the first place ?


6. Sweet and dirty thoughts

 When to once again stood outside the clinic in the dusty african heat Tom smiled at her. "Thank you, it was amazing to be a part of that".
 "It is just so important to get the children vaccinated, it is probably the single most life saving work we do here". She fought daily to get the parents to understand the importance of vaccination.
 "I think it's a wonderful thing you have done, sacrificing so much to help others, what made you make that choice ? If it is okay to ask". His blue eyes were searching hers.
 She started walking slowly through the camp and he fell into her pace. "I was in so much trouble, my life was a real mess, it revolved only around me and one day it all cam crashing down and I was left with nothing, i just had to get away".
 She didn't like talking about her old life, it brought up so many bad memories, but for some reason she felt save talking with Tom.
 "It sounds like you had a pretty rough time". He was looking at her and she feelt like he was trying to recall where he knew her from.
 "I only have myself to blame, I listened to the wrong people and made a lot of bad choices, I needed to roll it all back to zero and that is what I did here". She looked out at the desert like landscape.
 He sighed. "Sometimes I wish I could do that, just disappear and spend my life doing something good for others instead".
 "What you are doing now are helping so many, you being here, caring about this, it will motivate and inspire others to help". She meant every word and he smiled gratefully.
 They walked on in silence, both deep in their personal thoughts, it was getting scorching hot by now, but Ella was kind of used to the heat by now.
 Ella glanced at him, he really was different than other men she had known, to bad he was a celebrity and that he was leaving the next day, she would have like to get to know him better.
 "What are they digging down there ?" Tom pointed to a group of locals an volunteers digging on the edge of the river.
 Ella cleared her head. "We are digging out to make new irrigation so we can water new fields, but it's hard and time consuming work".
 At that moment one of the other volunteers came running down from the big house, telling Ella that there was a phone call for her. She looked at Tom. "Are you okay with waiting here, I'll be right back ?"
 "No problem, I can entertain myself for a while, just go take your call". He smiled reassuringly at her, and she hurried tomthe office, wondering who would call her.
 It was her aunt from London, telling her that her mother was in the hospital again, Ella asked how serious it was this time, and her aunt told that she might not pull through.
 She new she ought to feel something, she should be upset, but she just wasn't, she hadn't talked to her mother for years and their relationship had never been a loving one.
 She thanked her aunt for calling her, asking about the rest of her family, her aunt telling her to come home soon, they said goodbuy and she hang up.
 When she returned to the riverside about half an hour after she left, she couldn't see Tom anywhere, and she worried he had gotten himself in some kind of trouble.
 But the she spotted him, he was down on the brink, a shovel in his hand, digging away at a ditch with the others.
 She shook her head smiling, he really was something else and she couldn't help but being fascinated by him. Ella could help noticing how the muscles in his long slender arms tensed every time he dug into the ground, making them look strong and sinewy.
 He stood up, stretching his back, and she couldn't help staring when he grabbed the hem of his T-shirt pulling it over his head using it to dry sweat of his forehead.
 Ella bit her lip hard, the sight of him there in the sun, his chest bare, had awakened something inside her she had almost forgotten existed, her heart was pounding and her breath shallow.
 He spotted her at that moment and waved, he turned to the others saying something, the work leader shook his hand smiling and took the shovel from him.
 Tom came jogging over, his body wasn't big and brawny, but lean with well defined muscles, moving and tensing with his every movement.
 "I hope it's okay I joined them, it just felt like a waste of time me standing here doing nothing, when they could use an extra hand". He had a smudge of dirt on the left cheek and on the forehead and droplets of sweat were running down his chest.
 Ella kicked herself mentally, she had to reel in her thoughts. "It is quite okay Tom, I am sure they really appreciated the help, but you look like you could use a shower".
 He grinned looking down at himself. "Yeah you might be right, it is a bit hot working in this heat".
 "If you want you can use my shower, itnis much closer and it's private". Why on earth did she just said that, she already regretted it.
 He looked at her, a glimpse of someting she couldn't quite read flashed over his face, then he smiled. "Thank you, that would be great".
 Ella had kind of hoped he would put his T-shirt back on, but he kept it in his hand as thay walked tomher little cottage.
 "Was the call something important ? Hopefully nothing bad". He looked at her worry in his eyes.
 She shook her head. "It was my aunt, she called to tell my mom is back i. The hospital, but she is quite often, and I don't have any contact with her anymore".  
 "That is sad, I hope it turns out alright, maybe you'll get a chance to find each other and but your differences behind you". He said softly and she shrugged.
 She was trying to fokus on everything else while they were walking, but she couldn't help seeing him out of the corner of her eye and that made it impossible to get rid of the thoughts.
 She opened the door tomher little cottage and bit him inside, he looked around and smiled. "Very cosy".
 "Oh it is nothing special, but a lot better than the sterile rooms up in the big house". She was quite aware of the warmt and moist between her tights, and thought she needed a cold shower right now.
 A fly landed on his trimmed stomach, and he absentmindedly swathed it away with his hand, leaving a streak of dirt across his sculpted muscles.
 Ella involuntarily gasped and pushed her tights together, not quite understanding why that move had such a big and exiting impact on her, she closed her eyes tightly.
 Tom was looking at her, his forhead creased with concern and he took a step towars her. "Ella is something wrong ?"
 "Oh for fucks sake Tom, I am so going to regret this". It just flew out her mouth and he looked at her surprised.
 Before she could change her mind, she closed the gap between them, grabbing his neck pulling him down into a passionated demanding kiss.


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