Cinderella (english)

Ella is in Africa Working With UNICEF. When a VIP arrives, she is showing him the Camp, not knowing who he is.
Shortly after she is rippes from her save haven by a family tragedy and thrown back into the pulsing London life.
Will she be ready to reenter the Real World and Can she escape the past that made her leave in the first place ?


15. "Nope not only you getting Wet" (warning a bit graphich)

 She heard the front door open, and she sat down, trying to look like she hadn't had an internal battle while he were gone.
 "Wow it is really pouring out there". Tom walked in, his white T-shirt plastered to him, every muscle visible through the thin wet fabric.
 Ella feelt the familiar warmt spread through her abdomen, God dahm he wasn't playing fair right now, she tried to look away but the sight of him was just to absurdly sexy not to stare.
 He put the pizza on the table, the he pulled of the wet T-shirt discharging it on the back of a chair. "Luckily the pizza was wrapped up, so it was only me getting wet".
 She closed her eye, but it couldn't remove the sight of him damp and bare chested, she looked at him, as he run his hand through his wet hair slicking it back.
 "Nope, not only you getting wet". Ella bit her lip hard, seriously did she just say that out loud ? Fuck there it was, the self-control breakdown.
 Toms head snapped up, like he had to check that she really said that, she could se his pupils dilate and his eyes change from clear blue to dark.
 "Darling, in about two seconds I am going to come over there, and I am going to fuck you hard and so long, that you won't know your own name, if you got a problem with that, you better leave like right now". His voice was raw and she could se his jaw tense.
 Ella swallowed and moaned lowly, she didn't even think about leaving, his proclamation had left her stunned and without any change of regaining self-control.
 A smug smile crossed his handsome face when she didn't move, he was at her in two long strides, grabbing one of her braids, twisting it around his hand, pulling her to her feet.
 "Do you know how sexy you look with those braids, I've wanted to pull them ever since you showed up". He pulled gently at her hair again, making her catch her breath.
 She couldn't help it, she found it desperately arousing when he went totally over board casting the well behaved gentleman aside, she clenched her thighs trying to soothe the throbbing.
 Finally he kissed her, deeply, intense and demanding, he grabbed her shirt and ripped it open in one jerk, making the buttons fly.
 She shhok of the remainder of her shirt, and he removed her bra swiftly and adroitly, he stared at her, letting his thumb stroke her nipple, she gasped.
 "Oh Ella, what are you doing to me ? I feel like I am loosing my mind". She thought she saw pain in his eyes, but it was immediately replaced by an almost primal passion.
 She contemplated stopping him, for the sake of his sanity, but he grabbed the rim of her pants, pulling her into a wanting kiss as he opened them, making her loose her trail of thoughts.
 When he turned her around, bending her over the couchs high armrest, she no longer felt sure she could make him stop, even if she wanted to, there was something intensely almost scary about him right there.
 He pulled of her jeans and panties, letting his hand run over her ass, when she suddenly felt a sharp hard slap, she gasped, she really hadn't expected that.
 But when he caressed the area he had just slapped, the intense feeling from all the nerves beeing an high alarm made her legs shake og when he slapped her agains she moaned in anticipation.
 She had to grab the couch with all her strengt to old herself up, and when he stopped, she could feel the moisture dripping down her thighs.
 When she heard his pant fall to the ground, she only had a moment to brace herself, before he slid into her in one hard trust, making her whimper. Her backside was burning and every touch sendt little jolts direktly into her loins.
 He grabbed her hips, steadying her as he trusted into her deeper and harder, it didn't take long before she feelt the orgasm roll through her shaking body.
 Tom pulled her to a stand, her legs feeling like jello, he kissed her roughly, he sat down on a stool, pulling her onto his lap, she slid onto him unimpeded.
 She was riding him fast, he grabbed her breast, playing with them, making her throw her head back in ecstasy, she felt like reality was slipping through her fingers.
 His eyes locked with hers, his gaze filled with overwhelming desire, but for a moment she thought she saw something a lot softer in there, but it was gone again before she could really comprehend it.
 She let her hands run down his chest, her nails leaving red marks on his skin, he groaned grabbing her ass.
 When the second orgasm made her scream his name, she feelt entirely spent and exhausted, but Tom didn't seem to care, he just cleares the coffee table with a swipe of his arm, laying her down on it, kneeling between her legs.
 Each trust made her whimper, she didn't know up from down anymore, but he keept going relentlessly until her body started shaking and black spots were dancing in front of her eye as she sobbed through an orgasm so mind blowing she was certain she would faint.
 Tom couldn't keep it back anymore and he came with a sound so deep and animal like it sounded more like the growl of a large predator.
 He pulled her up on the couch wih him, cradling her in his arms, while she sobbed into his chest, totally unable to control her emotions do to the share intensity and pleasure.



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