Cinderella (english)

Ella is in Africa Working With UNICEF. When a VIP arrives, she is showing him the Camp, not knowing who he is.
Shortly after she is rippes from her save haven by a family tragedy and thrown back into the pulsing London life.
Will she be ready to reenter the Real World and Can she escape the past that made her leave in the first place ?


17. He got the role

 Ella woke up the next morning with a moral hangover, already before she opened her eyes, she knew Tom wasn't next to her in bed.
 There was a note on his pillow. > morning darling, out for a run. Grab a shower, I'm bringing back breakfast <
 She took a long hot shower, her whole body was sore, a reminder of their heated evening together and she once again felt the guild, even though he had actually started it.
 When she came downstairs in one of his T-shirts because her shirt was ruined, Tom was just coming in. "I am going to get a quick shower, then we can eat, I got exciting news".
 She made tea and but the food on the table, then she sat down, waiting for Tom, she didn't hope they had to have the only friends talk this time.
 It didn't take long before he was back, wearing a dark blue tailored three piece suit and a crisp white shirt, he hang his jacket on the chair. She bid her lip, that man could really wear a suit.
 Ella took a sip of her tea and looked at him expectantly. "What was the exciting news you had to tell ? I guess you dressing up has so ething to do with it.
 "So you remember the role I told you about, the one I really wantedI got the call while I was out running, I got it and I am meating with the producers in an hour". His face lighted up.
 She couldn't help but smile. "Congrats Tom, I am so happy to hear and I can't wait to see it".
 "Thank you Ella, I am really excited, we are starting pretty soon and we are going to film in so many great locations like Switzerland and Morocco". He sounded like a happy kid.
 She took a bite of her croisant. "It sounds really amazing, can you tell more about it now ? What is the plot ?"
 He looked like he was thinking really hard, then he smiled. "I guess I can tell a bit, if you promise it doesn't leave this room".
 "I promise, my lips are sealed, cross my heart and hope to die". She made a cross over her heart and looked at him curiously.
 He was sipping his tea, studying her, like he was wondering if she could be trusted, then he chuckled. "I am playing a hotel manager turned spy and infiltrating the inner circles of an arms dealer".
 "Wow are you doing Le Carres 'The night manager' ? I read they were making it to a series". She had read the book and was looking forward to the series, now even more.
 Toms face lighted up. "Yeah I guess I can affirm now you guessed it, have you read the book ?"
 "Yep and isn't there going to be some pretty hot scenes in it ?" She winked at him.
 He lifted one eyebrow. "Yeah, there is a couple of partially nude scenes, I think I can handle that".
 "I was thinking about the poor female audience, are you sure they can handle it ?" She smiled mischievous.
 "Ehehehe". He almost spilled his tea laughing. "I hope so, or it would be bad for the second episode".
 When they had finished eating he looked at her. "Can I give you a lift home ? I am going in that direction anyway".
 "Yes please, it would spare me a taxi". She smiled, it seemed their friendship thing was back on track, no need to discuss it, and she was relieved.
 Ten minutes later they sat in his jaguar, on their way to Ellas aunts house, Ella was deep in her own thoughts, she was trying to make a plan to avoid giving in tomher urges again.
 She figured out that she had to only se him in puplic places until she was shure she was in total control of herself, to minimise the risk of something happening again.
 Tom stopped in front of the house, and as always he got out of the car, and went to open her door, she gotnout and heclosed the door behind her.
 He pulled her into a warm hug, Ella breathed deeply, and at that moment she could almost imagine how it would be like if they could be together, if she could allow herself to evolve feeling for him.
 "Thank you for last night". His voice was a hoarse whisper into her ear, and she had to bitenher lip not to moan, she was pretty sure he could talk her into an orgasm if he wanted to.
 She kissed his cheek and gently freed herself from his embrace. "No thank you Tom".
 A couple of hours later she sent him a message. > HimTom, I hope your meeting went well <
 It didn't take longnfor him to answer. > Thanks for asking darling, it went really well, we start shooting in 4 weeks. Hope I get to see you again before then <
 She smiled to herself and wrote back. > You just write when you are free, and we work something out <


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