Cinderella (english)

Ella is in Africa Working With UNICEF. When a VIP arrives, she is showing him the Camp, not knowing who he is.
Shortly after she is rippes from her save haven by a family tragedy and thrown back into the pulsing London life.
Will she be ready to reenter the Real World and Can she escape the past that made her leave in the first place ?


8. Goodbyes

 Ella had fallen asleep, she woke up early in the morning, while it the day was still only just dawning. Her body ached in a way that made her think of naked bodies and headed kisses.
 She sat up, oh God what had she done ? She looked at Tom, he was sleeping soundly, laying on his stomach, his slim muscular body in full view as he had kicked of the blanket.
 Elle sighed, what had she been thinking ? She had let her desires rule her decision, but it was hard to regret something that amazing.
 She got up slowly, not wanting to wake him, he looked so much younger sleeping, his hair a mess and at serene smile on his beautiful face.
 It helped having a cool shower, it helped her think and getting everything in place, luckily he would leave later that day, it made it all so much easier.
 She got out and dried of, then she put on some clean clothes, leaving him a note that she was in the cafeteria, before walking out in the now sunny morning.
 When she was walking back toward her cottage after eating, she saw Tom coming toward her, he had showered and changed his clothes, she was relieved not to have to wake him up.
 "Morning Emma, last night, it was.. You know..". He actually seemed uncertain of what to say and he was nervously scratching his neck.
 She put up her hand to stop him. "It is okay Tom, no reason to explain, it was just one of those thing, mutual attraction, it was wonderful, you are leaving in this afternoon and that's it, there is nothing more to it".
 "Yeah okay, I guess there isn't". He sighed, kicking a stone away, then he took a deep breath and smiled at her.
 "Go get some breakfast, I will be back in about 20 minutes, if you are ready for a trip before going back home". She was smiling friendly, before turning and walking down to her cottage.
 She was so deep in her own thoughts, that she didn't se him watching her walk away.
 Ella went to her cottage, she changed the bedding and aired out the room, she didn't want to retur tired in the evening, to a house and bed smelling like Tom, smelling like sex.
 When she returned to the cafeteria, the rest of the group where waiting for her, she explained that they were going toma nearby village to distribute food aids.
 She wasn't quite sure if she was ignoring Tom, but she made sure they rode in different cars, she felt bad about her actions, and didn't feel like been locked in a cramped var with him for an hour.
 When they stopped, the locals flooded the trucks carrying the food, the group keept a distance, but Ella jumped up,in one of the cars, starting to give out the packages.
 Suddenly Tom was by her side, smiling relaxed, looking handsome as ever. "Let me help you Ella".
 "Okay, you just give each person one bag from each of these 3 cases, it is not difficult at all". She pointed atbthe food bags, there was no reason he couldn't help.
 He was smiling friendly at every person, and he worked hard and fast, Ella soon started to relax around him, and their conversation got natural and friendly again.
 When they drove back, they where sitting together, Tom asking loads of questions aboutbthe village and the food aid program, none of them touched the subject of the night before.
 Back at the camp, it was time for the group to pack, they had a long journey ahead of them. Ella went to do,some paperwork, waiting to say goodbye.
 When they were ready to leavy, Ella came out again, first the 3 suits shook her hand tanking her for her good work and for taking care of them. Raphael and Fausto hugged her, and Raphael said. "See you next time kiddo".
 When the others started getting into the van, Tom came over, he looked at her with those eyes, making her clinch her tights, as the memories washed over her.
 "Thank you Ella, it was an experience far beyond what I expected so to say". A teasing smile tugging at his lips.
 She felt the heat creaping up her face. "No thank you Tom, and keep being passionated in every aspect of your life".
 He pulled her into his arms, his lips just brushing hers, before hugging her tightly, his voice emotional. "I will never forget you Ella".
 Then he jumped into the van, waiving, and the van started, whirling up red dust as it drove out of camp and out of her life. She whispered to her self. "And I never forget you Tom".
 She walked back to her cottage and threw herself on the bed, her eyes caught something on the bedstand, it was a folded note.
 She picked it up and read it. > Dear Ella, if you ever find yourself near London, please give me a call. Tom < and then a phone number.
 She looked at the note, wondering when he had left it there, the she crushed it in her hand and threw it in the trash, she never expected to leve South Sudan, and even if she by some twist of fait would find herself in London, she would call him, it was over and done, but the memories she would keep in her heart.


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