Loving Brie [c.h.]


Brienna Michels wants nothing more than to get through the next few weeks in one piece. Working 12 hour shifts at Hal's Kitchen every other day was tiring, but she needed to pay the bills. With what free time she has, she works on her writing, spending hours on end trying to finish her manuscript. Her life is hectic, but she can't imagine it any other way.

Calum Hood has spent the last few years with his best friends, making music and loving every second of it. But what he really wanted was to fall in love. After watching it happen for Ashton, all he could think about was having that. When his girlfriend of two years breaks up with him, he doesn't think he'll ever find love again.

Living in California for the summer, Calum's friends set out to help him find what he's looking for - love. What happens when the boys stumble across the struggling writer having a melt down in the hallway? Could she be the answer, or will they have to keep searching?


1. 0.


"It's not working, Cal," Vanessa, my girlfriend of two years, said with her eyes filled with tears.

We were standing in the middle of Times Square, fireworks going off around us as everyone welcomed the new year. My fingers tightened around the small box in my pocket as I felt my heart plummet to my toes. This was not happening.

"I'm so sorry, Calum," she continued, her fingers wrapping around my arm. I could barely feel her hand through my wool coat, but the pressure burned my skin. "I didn't want --"

She cut herself off, biting her lip as she continued to cry. I couldn't move, couldn't think. The girl I loved, didn't love me.

"Please say something," she whispered, her voice reaching me even through the excitement surrounding us. She watched me with those big brown eyes, her lashes sticking together from her tears.

The velvet box in my pocket felt heavy, and my stomach twisted. This was possibly the worst day ever.


When had the countdown started? I stared at Vanessa, turning my body away from her.


Why couldn't I say anything? I wanted to yell at her. How could she do this to me - to us?


Damn, I needed to get out of here.


"Calum! Please talk to me!" She called after me as I began shoving my way through the crowd of celebrating people.

"1! Happy new year!"

The crowds errupted. People were kissing, the sight twisting my heart. I didn't have that - not anymore. As I continued moving through the crowd, I heard her cry out my name again.

I wanted to turn around, take her in my arms and propose like I had planned, but I couldn't. She didn't want that.

She didn't want me.

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