Please, Nobody read this

Thoughts of a journal, i don't even know...


2. Writing Sounds Better...

Well another writing it seems
My family likes her
This makes things a lot better

I just got home around an hour ago, I spent time with her at a family get together kind of thing, It was fun. She even enjoyed it. We kissed a lot too. No body noticed... i was happy with that. She makes me happy. There is still a lot going through my mind, i dont know if my father likes her, i hope he does. That reminds me i have to make him a fathers day card for tommorow. Tomatoes, thats what that word makes me think of, I just heard my mother say that all the chips were almost gone, the bad thing about that is I ate most of them. I need to cut doen on my eating. The bad thing is that ive been gaining alot of weight and its because "Im growing, Its Growing Weight" I hope he reads this, he is like a brother to me. I can trust him with anything, He is awesome.

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