Avengers imagines and preferences

his book contains Avengers preferences and imagines. It is probably a little different than what you used to read. But please enjoy.
( i have never done it before, and just coming into the fiction world so please i will love suggestions )


13. Your Job ( Steve )


You begin to get ready to leave when Steve comes up to you kissing you on the forehead and says

,, would you like me to take you to your job today?” you shake your head smiling, knowing that if he showed up things would go south. You quickly kiss him on the cheek before you run to get the train. When you finally get there you coworker Cassandra greets you with a smile.

,, Hi Y/f/n it’s been a long time since I last saw you” she ask with a questioningly tone.

You just smile and giggle, you can't really tell her that the reason is because you almost got killed by hydra and now live in the stark tower with the avengers. She doesn't even know you are lovers with the one and only Captain America. She would kill you if you don’t let her meet him, she is totally and utterly in love with him. That’s why you won't let Steve take you to work.

And he doesn't even know where you are working because you are afraid he then will show up.

,, Y/f/n! Y/f/n! Y/f/n is here” you hear a little girl voice scream behind you, you turn around and see three children comes running towards you, smiling you sit down hugging them all.

,, were have you been? Do you want to draw with us?” Anna asks smiling pulling you after her into the table were they sit and draw. Even though you haven't work there very long have you gotten some great friends and the children love you.

 All day you run around playing with all the kids, drawing, reading or playing the avengers as the children loves to do. You quirk horrified taking your hands up in surrendering ,, no please sir! I’m begging you! Don’t hurt me!” you say walking backwards away from Klaus ,, hahaha! You will be mine! Y/f/n! And no one can stop me from taking over the world!” he says with a evil laugh hovering over you. You scream terrified, and sudden you hear the door burst open.

,, Y/f/n!” you all look towards the door where Steve stands looking confused at all of you.

All the kids look shocked at him with big eyes full of excitement.

,, it's Captain America!” Klaus screams running down from the scene towards Steve making all the other children running after him. In few seconds Steve is surrounded of children and you coworkers. In a few seconds it has changed from you playing damsel in distress to Steve burst through the door like some tornado. ,, wait a minute. Did you say Y/f/n?” Emilie says making them all stop talking and look at you. You laugh awkwardly scratching you neck not sure what to do.

,, you know Captain America Y/f/n?” Evan ask looking at you like he never seen you before.

You walk over to them taking Steve by the arm while you walk past them, you try to find a calm spot you can talk to him, but all the kids keeps following you so in the end you stop at the playground turning around looking at Steve ,, what are you doing here? How did you know I was here in the first place?” He takes Amelia up that hangs on his arm looking almost embarrassed at you. ,, I asked Tony to track your phone. I was worried, after all that happened. And I don’t even know where you worked if anything happened” you sigh frustrated over the situation.

You understand why he did it, he had asked many times and you have avoided it every time.

But now the children and your coworkers will not see you as Y/f/n, they will see you as Y/f/n that knows Captain America. ,, okay, I'm sorry I should have told you, but why did you burst through that door like that?” you ask taking Katy up that keep tucking you arm.

,, I taught something might happen to you when you screamed, I didn't think over you might just be playing, I just showed up here and didn't have time to check that this is a kindergarten before I busted in” he mumbles slightly reed in the cheeks. You get an urge to kiss him but don’t do it, there are children. Instead you just touch his cheek smiling. ,, omg! Y/f/n you are dating captain America!” you hear someone screaming behind you recognizing the voice as Cassandras.

Oh crap.

You can't get out of telling them all how you meet and all that have happened while Steve runs around playing with the children, you look at him from time to times loving to see him running around playing like a big kid with a big smile on his face.

When it’s finally time to send the children home you hide Steve inside while saying goodbye to the kids not wanting to have to explain to their parents why he's there.

When they are all gone you pack up your things and close it with Cassandra before saying goodbye walking over to Steve that sits on his motorcycle.

You put on the helmet before tugging your arms around him, he starts the motorcycle and you drive home. When you home you are both too tired to do anything and just move up to your room ignoring Tonys commentaries about not getting his sheets to dirty.

You both just threw yourself at the bed with a big sigh,, so.. You’re a kindergarten teacher” you nod to tired to answer,, it’s amazing how good you are with the kids.” He says sitting up on his elbows looking down at you, you raise your head and look at him with a grin.

,, me? It’s you that are like a big kid, someday you will be a great dad” you realize what you just said and turn bright red showing you head down in the sheets trying to hide you embarrassment.

You feel his fingers sliding down you back and hear him whisper so softly you not entirely sure you actually heard it ,, And you will be a great mom”  



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