Avengers imagines and preferences

his book contains Avengers preferences and imagines. It is probably a little different than what you used to read. But please enjoy.
( i have never done it before, and just coming into the fiction world so please i will love suggestions )


5. Nicknames

sorry Tony and Buckys is so short but couldn't really come up with something.


Tony: Casanova. Cause Tony is a flirt, but still romantic. And he knows how to get what he wants.

You: Cherry. That name came after he found out you could make a knot on a cherry stick


,, Hey cherry I need you in the kitchen” you hear Tonys voice over the speaker.  You put the book down you were about to read and begin to walk to the kitchen.

Since you moved in to his room last week is like Tony don’t want to leave you out of sight for long. You not really sure if it's because of work or cause you are now lovers.

Tony is standing at the oven making breakfast for you both, he smiles at you when you come in and turn the cheek so you can kiss him. You do it and move over to the table where there are eggs and toast. ,, god morning Y/f/n. mister stark there is a meeting in about a hour with some buyers from new Zeeland. Miss Pepper ask Y/f/n to make sure he is there in time and a dressed right” Jarvis say, you nod and take some of the bacon Tony had come over with.

,, you heard him Casanova, you are not going to meet up in sweatpants again” you mumble and bite a piece of the toast. Tony rolls his eyes and tells you that no one is going to tell him what he should wear, and next time he will just show up nude.

,, you are not going to show up nude Tony, I'm dead serious. Or is it that you want in your biography?”  you ask and raise your eyebrow,, you wouldn't dare” you laugh the evils grin you can and answer ,, oh I would”



Bucky: Bucky cause you love that name, sometimes Buck

You: Angel. Because he think of you as he's guardian angel.


,, for the love of god Bucky, you can't seriously mean I have to quit my job because of one idiot?” you snarl angry that he even can say it. You love your job. He looks concerned at you from the other end of the dinner table.

,, next time it's not just some harmless touching, next time they will attack you. Like that time” he says softly talking about the time when where met each other. You roll your eyes not quite sure how to explain to him that you are capable of taking care of yourself.

,, You have taught me some fight defenses, I will be fine.” You say smiling and take another bite of the cake, he stands up and come over to you. He sits down beside you take your hand, while looking up at you with his brown eyes that glow of concern.

 ,, I know you can angel, I just don’t like it, I can't imagine what I would do if something happened to you” you stroke his chin with the back of your hand and smile at him.

,, you would come visiting me in jail, after I have kicked their ass”



Steve: Romeo. You quickly found out after you moved together that Steve is a romantic

You: chipmunk. It came after you had stuffed you mouth with cake he had baked for you


You run fast down the street trying to ignore the fear that runs through your veins.

Hydra found out that you lived with Steve, so when they were out on a mission they came to your apartment. You escaped through the fire latter and now you are running down the street in the night with five men chasing you down. A motorcycle comes down the street you are, it comes up on the side of you and before you can react a arm take a hold of your waist and pull you up.

You scared grab a hold of the man, who is this man? Yu think but when you come under a light pole you realize that this man have a metal arm,, Bucky?!” you scream surprised.

You meet Bucky a couple of days before when he came over to the apartment.

Steve told you that this is one of he's oldest friends, but also his best friend.

So even though you don’t really know him, do you trust him enough not to try to run away when he stops in an old building. He takes a hold of you and examines you from head to toe.

,, are you alright?! They didn't do anything right? Steve would kill me if they have hurt you” he says taking a hold of your face. ,, am alrifght” you try to say but it's hard when he almost crush your face in worry. He quickly let go, but you see the relief in his eyes.

,, how did you even know I was in danger?”

,, Steve have put up a camera outside of the door and window just in chase, and told me to be around the building to make sure nothing would happen. So I saw that someone broke the door and hurried here so fast I could” he says and drags you over to one of the smaller room.

You realize that is it almost like a little apartment, a small kitchen, a table couch and a bed is there.

Bucky takes a mobile up and dial a nr, you hear Steves worried voice in the other end and Bucky trying to calm him down by saying you are okay. He hands the mobil to you and step out of the room to let you talk in peace. ,, Hi Romeo, how’s the mission” you hear a relived sigh in the other end. ,, are you okay Y/f/n?! Did they hurt you?” he growl and you can almost see him in front of you with that angry face walking around in circles. ,, I'm alright, Bucky saved me” you explain trying to calm him down, you hear Thor in the other end asking if you are okay and Steve tells him that you sound fine. ,, should say hi from Thor chipmunk” you laugh a little when you hear Thor ask why he talks with a Chipmunk and he taught it was you in the phone.

,, say hi from me to. Steve I'm alright okay? Do the mission, I will be here waiting for you to come home okay?” you say and try to sound as calm as you can, even though you are still a little shaken up cause of what happened,, promise?” Steve ask still not completely sure he shouldn’t just turn the helicopter around to get to you. ,, I promise, I love you Steve” he says he love you too.

In the end you almost talk for a hour before you have to tell him that you are tired and need some sleep. You hand the mobile to Bucky that have sneaked into the room during your talk with Steve.

,, thank you so much Bucky. You really saved me there” you say and lay a hand on his arm.

He just smile to you and pet your head like you some kind of lost puppy.

,, it's alright, you are important to Steve, so you are important to me. But you should do as you told Steve and get some sleep. Take the bed, I take the couch” he says before going over to the sofa and lay down. You feel yourself almost drained from energy when you lay down, all your bones begins to relax when the last adrenalin erases. Soon after you fall asleep with the pillow hugged into you chest.



Loki: ice pick or snowflake because every time he saw you in the beginning the room would get cold or it would begin to snow.

You: Bunny. Because that was the time he found out he loved you


After you both have come to terms with your feelings for one another, the pranks have almost stopped. At least against you. You look at Steve that hasn’t yet realized the dog tail that is attached to him, and you are not quite sure if you should say something that it is actually kind of cute. Just like the tiger ears on Tonys head you see when he walks through the living room mumbling about a new suit to himself. You shortly after realize that is like the avengers have turned into a zoo. Hawkeye have eagle wings, Natasha have four eyes and Thor he's turned into a frog.

Or you at least think is him, when you find a frog with a red cape in the kitchen.

 You don’t even want to think of what is attached to Bruce.

And the weirdest part of it all, it's like none of them even realizes it.

You find Loki laying in the couch with one of his famous “I have done something” smirks on his face. Only when you come closer you realize that he has black cat ears.

,, alright snowflake, what are you up to? Are you trying to make the avengers into the avenging pets?” you ask and put your hands on your hips looking down at him, he looks at you and laugh a little. ,, hi bunny, you talked about you loved animals with Thor yesterday so I just taught it would be fun” so now it's by fault? You shake your head trying to see what a small conversation with Thor could end with him as a frog. ,, it doesn't mean you should turn anyone into someone that look like they just have come from a comicoon” he looks confused at you but the smile is still there.

,, I do not know what this comicoon is. But I must say you are cute with bunny ears. Perhaps I should let them be there from now on” you almost don’t believe your ears and quickly put your hands up to your head where to long ears are pointing out, you look behind you and see the little fluffy tail. Before you even have a chance to tell him what you think about the situation he sits up and grab your tail, you whine loud and look at him with big eyes. ,, it's so fluffy” he mumbles and squeeze it. You slap his hand away red all up to your bunny ears.

,, Loki I mean it, remove the animal traits from us all” you growl and try to look evil at him.

The cat ears falls down and he looks at you like you just have scolded him for no reason.

You try not to let it affect you how cute he looks with ears and remain the stare.

,, fine” he claps his hands and the cat ears vanish, you see Thor come into the room looking normal.

He sees you and stops up with a confused look and points at you. 

,, lady Y/f/n why do you have bunny ears?” 

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