Avengers imagines and preferences

his book contains Avengers preferences and imagines. It is probably a little different than what you used to read. But please enjoy.
( i have never done it before, and just coming into the fiction world so please i will love suggestions )


11. Moving into the tower ( Steve )

You look around at the room you will share with Steve, mostly scared and a little bit exited to meet the others he talks so much about. But there is one you don’t want to meet, and it's a little hard when you now live under the same roof as him. Luckily haven’t he shoved up yet, but you know it just the matter of time before they both realizes it.

Steve ask you to grab something from the kitchen, even though you want to hide In your room you go anyway, you are about to leave the kitchen when you bump into Tony, he cathes you and smile wide when he realizes it's you.

 ,, hey Y/f/n have you come to get me back?” Tony ask you with a big smirk and before you can answer him, he take a hold of your hip and push you into him and kiss you hard. Before you can even push him away someone does it for you ,, what are you doing Tony to my girl?” Steve yells angrily and pushes you behind him so he stands between you and a very confused Tony.

 And here we go.

,, your girl? Wait a minute, you new girl is Y/f/n? wow even I didn't see that coming” he grins at you, Natasha and Bruce comes running after they heard Steve yelling and look at the scenery, Steve still stands between you both look more confused now than angry.

,, wait do you know each other?” he ask and look at you, you quickly answer before Tony can do it for you. ,, I knew Tony some years ago, we kind of dated in a while-“ ,, more like 2 years “ but it ended and I am glad for it.” You glare evil at Tony, Steve looks hurt at you,, so that’s was the reason you didn't want to move into the tower” you don’t know what to say, and realize it was a big mistake not telling him even though it is so long ago you dated Tony

You feel the tears start piling up in your eyes when the tought of him maybe leaving you comes up.

Tony realizes what's happening and stops Steve from leaving.

,, Cap, she's right, it's over. Yeah we have dated, but we are both over it. And it's so long ago. Trust me Steve, she's a great girl, and I am just glad she found a great guy that actually can appreciate her” he says smiling at you, you smile back. Even though you both decided to stop dating doesn't it mean you don’t like Tony anymore. You just don’t like him that way.

Steves look at you with a sweet smile after he have taught it trough.

,, I know she's great. I just kind of forgot that she of course have had other guys before me”

 he kisses you on the cheek and you look at him with a frown.

 ,, damn you make me sound like a doormat Steve, I actually only had to guys in my life. And I really don’t like the idea but I have to live with both of them” Bruce grins and you realizes that they are still there, Natasha just smile at Steve and wink making him intertwine his fingers with yours.

,, this is just great, Y/f/n I didn't even know you was in New York” Tony ask sitting down on the chair, Steve pulls you down with him and you sit in his lap. He's holding around you like he's still not completely happy about you and Tony and wants to show that you’re his.

,, I moved here not so long ago and meet Steve in the park. I didn't really thought you needed to know” you smile and lean bag against Steves broad chest.

,, you can't really say you have a type huh? You dated the flirty guy and now is dating with the gentleman” Natasha says looking at you with a smile. You can't help but laugh because she's right.

,, yeah, I just realized what is best for me, and was lucky that the greatest guy decided to ask me what I was doing” you feel Steve kisses you hair.

The rest of the day you try not to talk too much to Tony because you don’t want to get Steve jealous. But other than that you realizes that the others aren’t that as scary as you first taught they would be. When you finally lay in bed with Steve you are dead tired.

He didn't want to do it but that was the premise of you had to move in, you wouldn't dare to sleep alone in a house full of people you don’t know. And Steve would probably not let you sleep alone now even if you wanted to. But you don’t care when you kiss him on the mouth before cuddling up to him, he hugs you tight into him and kisses you on the hair before asking.

,, don’t worry Y/f/n as soon as I found a solution will we move out and into our new home. But right now it's just too dangerous” you don’t want to think about if it's because of Tony he suddenly is so quick to want to move when he was the one that wanted to move in.

Instead you just mumble something and intertwine your legs with his before you fall asleep to his calming breath.


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