Avengers imagines and preferences

his book contains Avengers preferences and imagines. It is probably a little different than what you used to read. But please enjoy.
( i have never done it before, and just coming into the fiction world so please i will love suggestions )


17. How you meet ( Natasha )

HI guys someone asked about Natasha, and i really dont know much of her, but i said i would try so...
plz tell me if i should do more with her :)

You walk down the helicarrier with nick fury, trying to find your new partner after your last one died when hydra found you.
You survived but he wasn't so lucky.
It was Agent hill and hawkeye that got you out. You were hospitalized in 2 months because of the torturing you were through. And now you back in the game trying to track down your next partner.
You haven't been in shield in more than a year but you have become quite famous in the short time. You are the only one that have could survive a training section with agent Hill and agent Coulson.
Fury want you to work with the avengers, and that's why you new partner will be one of them. You hope quiet it won't be stark because last time you saw him didn't end so well, and he won't probably have forgotten the broken nose you gave him. When you step into one of the meeting rooms the first thing that caught your eyes is the red hair, and you breathe out relived.
Agent Romanoff.
You haven't met her yet but like everyone have you heard the rumors.
That she is one of the best agents in shield. When she looks at you her eyes widen and you smile nervous over her reaction. ,, Romanoff this is y/l/n. She will be your new partner and the link between avengers and shield. Please try not to hurt her" fury days before leaving you alone with her. Not sure what you should do when she still looks at you like that you look back at her. Her green eyes examine your body from the y/h/c to your feet.
,, it's a honor to meet you agent Romanoff, I have heard a lot about you" you say after 5 minutes of awkward silence, a half smile cross her lips before she answer,, hopefully not only the bad stuff, call me Natasha, it's easier when we have to spend a lot of time together" you smile happy over she allows you to know her first name, and tell her yours. She tells you that you should meet the other avengers as well now when you have to work with them too.  The first one that sees you when you step into the room is of course Tony stark. He jumps out of his chair and walk 4 steps back with his hands up in the air.
,, hello mister stark" you say smiling thinking that this is not going to end well at all, all the other avengers look surprised from you to Tony that still stands with his hands in front of him. ,, well I suppose you two have meet before, this is agent Y/l/n and she will be the link between the avengers and s.h.i.e.l.d. be nice for a change" Natasha says looking at the boys like they were toddlers. One by one they introduce themselves to you, and when it's Tony's turn he just say.
,, you know who I am, you broke my nose"
,, and you touched my behind when you walked by, you should never do such a thing to someone that are trained to kill" you reply smiling like it wasn't a treat you just told him.
He looks at you with a frown clearly not forgiving you even though it was his own fault.
The rest of the time he stays clear of you while Natasha tells you what your job will be and you learn a little more about her and the rest. When it time to go, Natasha slip you a paper with a number on telling you to call if there is anything you want to know or anything else.
When you see her leave you feel a sudden warm feeling in your chest.

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