Avengers imagines and preferences

his book contains Avengers preferences and imagines. It is probably a little different than what you used to read. But please enjoy.
( i have never done it before, and just coming into the fiction world so please i will love suggestions )


15. He gets sick ( Bucky)

When you come home from work to you find Bucky curled up on the sofa burning up from a fever, when you take his temperature are you about to lose it.

41° C

You call Steve to get help to take Bucky to the hospital, but he tells you that it is normal for him and Bucky to get high fevers when they get sick cause of the serum.

He tells you to get him to bed and he will come with some medicine and ice-cream.

After a half hour trying to wake Bucky up you decide to let him lay on the couch until Steve shows up and can carry him to bed. You softly wipe the sweat of his forehead, you decide that he can't get mad from you open his shirt to wipe the sweat of there too. He's skin is glinting from all the sweat and you try to get him cooled down, when Steve shows up he get Bucky to bed while helping you wake him up to get the medicine in.

But he's hallucinating and screams in terror when Steve tries to hold him down to give him it.

He keeps screaming in a combination of Russian and German while trying to shake Steve off.

You hug him tightly,, Bucky! Bucky! James! It's me! Hey it's me, alright. Calm down “you whisper softly holding him until you feel him relaxing laying his arms around you, he keeps mumbling in Russian but at least he calmed down. You put the medicine and some water in your mouth and kiss him, when you feel him drink it you let him go gently pushing him back on the pillow, when you try to stand up to get a fresh cold towel you feel his hand on your arm whispering what you think is.

Don’t go.

Steve tells you to stay and that he will get it, you sit beside the bed holding Buckys hands while whispering comforting words. You stroke him gently over his hair until you feel him getting drowsy. When Steve comes back is Bucky asleep, but holding your hand in a tight grip not wanting to let you go. When the fever is falling down, does Steve decide you can take it from there and leave. The rest of the night you watch over Bucky like a hawk afraid he would get worse. And when he wakes up the next morning does he find you sleeping peacefully beside the bed still holding his hand.



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