Avengers imagines and preferences

his book contains Avengers preferences and imagines. It is probably a little different than what you used to read. But please enjoy.
( i have never done it before, and just coming into the fiction world so please i will love suggestions )


3. Confess


All week you have run around after Tony to meeting after meeting. Or just, when he was in his workshop. Now it was Sunday and you finally got a day of.

Or that’s what you thought.

On your way out of the tower tony stops you and tell you he needs you on a date he's going. You try to talk yourself out of it by telling him his lady friend might not be so happy that another girl tags along the whole evening. But somehow you find yourself a hour after in the limousine next to tony in the most amazing y/f/c long dress you have ever wore you entire life.

 You stop right out in front of one of those fancy restaurant you never in your life would even could get a glass of water with you salary. You walk in and get a table right away.

When you sit there you realize there is no other woman.

,, mister stark, are you friend perhaps late?” you ask confused over that the waiters begin to bring in wine. He smiles at you and encourage you to try the wine. ,, she’s already here. Y/f/n you have to call me tony, I feel so old when you call me mister stark. I just taught you deserved a night with good food and amazing company.” He admitted and you can't help but laugh and feel grateful that he thought of you and did all this. You both have a wonderful night and as you have realized through the week, you love to be with tony.

Even though you just are there to observe, he always bring you into the conversation on the meetings and ask you what you think. He's not at all as you though he was. Okay maybe a little but he's not such a lady man as anybody said he was. In that week you have worked for him not even a single time have he been one a date.

And even Miss Potts warned you about all of the dates you would have to go with him.

When you are waiting on your drive home tony suddenly turn around and take your hand.

,, Y/f/n I have loved to have you with me this past week, and I can't wait to all the weeks to come. But I find myself irritated over that the reason you’re with me is because you work for me.

Is there any way I can make you fall in love with me as I have in you?” he asks and he looks more nervous than you ever had seen him. You found yourself get bright red, and realizes even though he's a player and haven’t done a lot of embarrassing thing to you. but you happy over that he actually thinks of you that way. ,, I think I like you to, Tony” a big goofy smile light up his face before he takes you by the shoulders and kiss you softly on the mouth. The limousine comes up and he breaks your kiss, you find yourself reach up and touch your lips with a small smile. The tony stark not only kissed you, but told you he loved you. God I love this job you think before you get into the limousine.


Steve: ,, please let go of me!” you scream and try to shake the guy of your arm, he just laugh and tighten the grip while he's friend trying to get closer, without getting kicked. ,, come on girl, you will have a great time with me and my friend. Let’s get home to me and start the party” he laughs and try to get a good hold of you.

You found yourself calling on Steve in your mind and like I heard you he comes running down the street with such a scary face even you get a little scared.

He jumps the first guy that hold you and punch him right on the jaw so he pass out immediately, he turns around probably to give the other guy the same treatment but he's long gone. You found yourself get slap in the body and just before you hit the ground Steve catches you. ,, Y/f/n are you okay?! I heard you down street screaming, I was so afraid I didn't make it in time” he whispers and take you up bridal style. You are so exhausted over the event you don’t even complain and let him carry you home to your apartment while he whispers soft encouraging word in your ear. When you are in your apartment he gently lay you on the couch throwing a blanket over you. Seconds later he comes out with a big cup of chocolate. ,, I'm fine Steve”  you mumble and take a sip. He shakes his head and sit with your head gently stroke your hair.

,, I can't believe that somebody would do that, I wanted to kill him for what he did to you” You take his hand and stroke his palm. ,, I'm glad you didn't, you are a god man Steve. They weren’t, but I'm fine now. You saved me” you smile and try to comfort him. ,, maybe I wasn’t there and that have happened. I wouldn’t have could live with myself if I haven’t been there” he mumbles and hide his head in his hands.

,, Steve you can't always be there, first you leave far away from where I live. Second, you and I both have lives. You can't always be around” it's like you said something you shouldn’t have cause he jumps up and walk around the room with a serious face on.

,, no maybe not all the time” he mumbles, he runs over to you and take your hand” Y/f/n I have in a long time would tell you that I think you are the most amazing woman I have ever meet in my 90 years. And I know it's sudden, but please move in with me. That way I can at least protect you most of the time.” You look surprised at him not really know how to react. But then you throw you arms around him and give him a kiss on the cheek.

,, I love you to Steve. But moving together is maybe to sudden, and you live in the stark tower. I can't really see myself living with the hulk” you laugh, he quickly joins you and the rest of the evening you discus if you have to move in with him or not.  


Bucky: ,, I'm just saying I think stark maybe can help you with your leg” Bucky says while rolling you down the street in a wheelchair, you had fallen and broke you prostate leg, so until you get a new one you have to sit in the wheelchair. ,, I don’t care Bucky, I don’t want a leg that can shoot missiles. I just want a normal leg that won’t freaking break every single year” you complain and look hateful at you missing leg. You lost your leg under a car accident, you dad was killed.

S.h.i.e.l.d as he worked for think it was somebody that knew who he was and then killed him.

Your leg was smashed between the seat and door so they had to remove it to get you out. No one know who did it, and you stop believed they ever would.

,, I'm just saying that maybe he can build you a leg similar to my arm.” You look up at his excited over the possibility, you have a minor crush on his arm.

,, you really think so? Cause that would be so cool” you sang happy and almost make Bucky fall when you decide it have to go faster and take the lead of the wheelchair yourself. Half a hour later you sit on a table with, Bucky, Bruce and Tony around you. ,, of course I can make a leg for you. I can even make it better than Buckys, I have examined he's arm for hours and I can do it” he barked and scream at Jarvis to make him find the thing he needs. Bruce checks your leg one more time before he let Bucky help you down in the wheelchair again.

,, so are you two together?” he ask smiling and look at you. Both you and Bucky turns bright red and look at anything else than each other. Bruce realizes what happening and leaves you two to find Tony before he blow something up to make your leg. ,, thank you so much Bucky for you help.” You smile and try not to let it show how much it affected you the question Bruce asked.

,, you welcome, you are very important to me” he replies still red as a tomato.

You takes his hand and intertwine you fingers with his.

,, and so do you to me” trying to hint to him what you feel. And luckily it's seems like he gets it cause he leans down and places a kiss on your lips. Before he can move you take a grib around he's neck and hold him, you kiss is about to deepens but then tony comes running in. ,, give me 2 days and I have made you-oh” you quickly release him and he moves back just as red as you. ,, well next time I will knock” Tony smirk and walk out of the room.


Loki: ,,Loki I don’t care what your excuses is this time, those bunny slippers was from my grandmother turn them back into slippers right now!” I roar angry and dump the two white bunnies in his lap.

One of the bunnies jumps down and run away before you have the time to catch it.

,, it's true huh, one always misses when you need it” he says non caring and goes back to his book.

Not even caring that this is Loki, a god that tried to take over the world, you smack the book out of his hands. ,, okay mister asshat, I don’t really know why the hell I even try, no progress the last week and the only thing that you do is trying to piss me off. So I warn you ice pick, get the other bunny and turn them back or I will cut your hair while your sleep” you threatened and try to look as you would actually do it. ,, I must say, you are enjoyable to be around when you try to sound treating .” He snickered and picks his book up. I give up you think and leave Loki in the living room searching for his brother. You find Thor out in the kitchen eating pop tarts again.

,, you know someday it will make you fat” you growl angrily trying to get some steam out.

Thor stops right in the middle of putting one in, and lays it on the table.

,, have my brother irritated you again lady Y/f/n?” you nod and snatch the pop tart.

“ you can't let him do this to you, you have to show him that you don’t care about his tricks” Thor explain and put the pop tarts up on the shelve. The next three days you totally ignore Loki and don’t react on his pranks.

And when you come home after shopping with Steve one day, you found your bunny slippers turned back to normal outside your room. You search the tower after Loki and found him on the roof. You go over there and before you realize what you about to do you hug him. ,, I missed you to, ice pick” you mumble, Loki put surprised his arms around you, he thinks he's should have done this sooner.  ,, I know I pick on you a lot. And I am sorry”

You look surprised at him,, did you just apologizes?”

,, Thor said that you have lash out after everybody. And he believes that you would leave. So he forced me to do it” he explains but you can see that is just and excuse.

,, I love you too” you laugh jokingly, but you didn't expect him to get red as a tomato.

,, I, I love you too” he mumbles and quickly vanish. You look surprised after him not really realizing what just happened. But then you remember what he's said and blushes so much that Bruce think you have a fever when he finds you later still sitting on the roof, not really sure what to do with yourself.




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