Avengers imagines and preferences

his book contains Avengers preferences and imagines. It is probably a little different than what you used to read. But please enjoy.
( i have never done it before, and just coming into the fiction world so please i will love suggestions )


18. A text from him ( Loki )



Hi bunny

Brother told me how to so call text you, so it that's what I do. I miss you, i know you mortals have to do things, but not having you around me irritate me more than I taught it would. It scares me how fond of you I have become when you think about how fragile you are. I could lose you any second. But that's make me more determined to spend every second of the day with you. Please come home as soon as you finished, so I can hold you in my arms. Until we sees again my queen I will lay in our bed and remember you by the nights we spend there.



Dear lady y/f/n

I am sorry to bother you in your alone time, but please soon come back to us.
Brother keeps pulling pranks on Clint and I am afraid that he will keep going until you come back. He's bored. And it's never a good thing when my brother feels bored. 
We all need you here to hold him what you humans say a tight leash.

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