Jenna Parker And The Nightmares

Jenna Parker is the one and only daughter of the god of fear himself ; Phobos. She is constantly haunted with the nightmares of others. Like a dog, she can sense fear in surrounding people. One day, she is confronted by a young girl's dream, she will go a perilous quest to help her, and on the way, help herself.


2. Two

I smile at the sight of the mess hall, even though most of the people in it are afraid of me. I don't know what it is, but Caleb just makes me happier than I would be normally. 

We enter the mess hall and, with a final wave, Caleb sits down with her siblings and almost immediately scarfs down the plateful of bacon that appeared in front of her about two seconds after she sat down with the other golden-haired Apollo campers.

I sit down at the little kids' table and chairs that serves as the Phobos table. A stack of pancakes smothered in syrup appears in front of me. I cut off a piece and drop it into the altar. I eat the rest myself, and may I say, I hope Phobos likes these pancakes, 'cause I sure do! 

I notice dirty looks from a few certain people I like to call 'regulars'. They're always being hateful towards me, for close to no reason. I put up my middle finger and stick out my tongue, then go back to my pancakes. 

It's now later in the afternoon, and I'm walking around camp with Caleb. Her bow is strapped around her back and her quiver is loose around her waist. She is wearing grey Bermuda shorts with her regular camp shirt. Her small, dainty feet are in purple flip-flops. I'm, as usual, sporting my camp t-shirt, jean shorts, and red converse. "So, do you know Jackson Leroy?" Caleb asks. I nod.

Jackson Leroy is a 17 year old Aphrodite camper. He's known for being a total diva, a fashion designer, and grade-A  hoooooooot! 

"Well, I kind of have a crush on him." I smile and shake her arm. "Really? I never would've guessed." Last week, we were on the same Capture-The-Flag team as Jackson, and Caleb was quite obviously head-over-heels in love with him. 

"Shut up," she teases. I laugh. I think for a moment. "Look, Caleb. I have something to tell you." She looks at me, concerned. "I know about your mom." She looks away, but says, "How do you-?'' "I never have my own dreams. I see everyone else's. And not even the good ones. Just nightmares. And, I -" "I get it. You saw it, didn't you?" I nod. "It was terrible." She nods. "What happened to your mom?" "She didn't want me. That's all there is to it." She looks at me sadly. "C'mon, we can go do something. You know, something fun." I nod. "I'd like that."


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