Jenna Parker And The Nightmares

Jenna Parker is the one and only daughter of the god of fear himself ; Phobos. She is constantly haunted with the nightmares of others. Like a dog, she can sense fear in surrounding people. One day, she is confronted by a young girl's dream, she will go a perilous quest to help her, and on the way, help herself.


1. One

I woke up drenched in a cold sweat. I looked around. Oh yes, I was sleeping in the Apollo cabin tonight. Soft music was playing, and the walls shone. Definitely the Apollo cabin. You see, since they don't want to bother building a whole cabin for one kid, so I sleep in a different cabin every night.

I sit there for a moment, trying to even out my breath. I then plop my head back down on the pillow and close my eyes.

I am greeted, as usual, by a dream that I know is not mine. I can see a young girl with sandy blonde hair playing with a middle-aged woman. She throws the Frisbee into a tree. The woman smiles, wags her finger at her, and climbs up the tree. Suddenly, she falls. The little girl stares in horror as blood spills from the woman's head.

 I awake to someone shaking my arm. Her face almost completely matches that of the little girl. I shake my head and say, "Good morning, Caleb," cheerfully, because I know this dream was a recollection of her mother's death. This dream is a reoccuring dream for both of us. She has no idea that I know.

Caleb Cooper was supposed to be a boy. Her mom had no idea until she was born. Caleb's dad is Apollo. She has blonde hair that shines like the sun, and I've been told that it wasn't like that before, but it became that way when she was told she was a demigod. Caleb is the greatest archer I've ever met, and she's my best friend in the world. I sleep in the Apollo cabin on most nights.

"Mornin', Jenn," she replies. I smile, "Let's get to breakfast." She nods. "I needs me some bacon!" I laugh and follow her out the door.   

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