I kinda like you

A story about the boys from 5 Seconds Of Summer and a girl named Crystal. Could Calum and Crystal get together and go through the obstacles? Will Ashton and Luke be okay with it? Will Crystal let things get far? Crystal has gotta 'Bad Girl' reputation. Luke and Crystal gotta story. And Calums got his heart layed on the girl he wants. Ashton is close to Crystal until an incident and Michael is stuck in the middle of it all.


9. Chapter 9



  I was kinda anxious to know how she knew Luke and why he has never told me anything. And she didnt wanna speak up. I wasnt gonna seem desperate, ill wait till school starts to casually bring it up.


  I couldnt get my mind off her. I was so attracted to her, and it killed me. Thats when Luke called.

    "Hey, Whats up?"

  "Im coming over, Ill be there in 5."

[Luke gets there and goes to Calums room]



   "Hey! Im here now, I came to tell you Ashton thinks we should upload another youtube video. Also its been a while since we have gone out have fun, so the guys and I wanna hang out later at a house party Michael got invited to, It should be fun" Calum lost his focus and went to the balcony, he seemed to be intrigued with something.


   "Uhh... Alright man" he said but im sure he didnt here a word i said.

   "Calum Hood" I smirked "Has a girl caught your eye over there" I said walking to where he was. I looked out the balcony and saw the most beautiful pale blue hair up in a bun, I knew it was Crystal. We have been avoiding each other ever since we broke up 2 years ago. Calum doesnt know her and I had a thing. 

   "Yeah, dont you know her" he said suspiciously, turning to look at me straight into my eyes.

   "Uhh yeah... anyways i gotta leave now but ill pick you up at 6"

   "Luke. Tell me how you know her."

   "Uhm...", Obviously i wasnt gonna tell him the truth, but i do know he cant be with her. "Well you know how she is like a "bad girl" they say.... I talked to her once in the office, thats it"

   "Okay Luke. Fine. Dont tell me, Ill ask her myself, we talked earlier today and look she is already on her way over here."


What does he mean they talked already? I know Crystal wouldnt talk to him but i guess when Calum wants something he does go after it. Did Crystal tell him we knew eachother? What did Crystal tell him?


I rushed out the door before Calum to hop into my car before I had an anxiety attack and any awkwardness happened. But just my luck the moment i opened the door there she was she turned and stopped her bike. Looking straight into my eyes, we stood there tense. Great.

                        I recalled all the memories. We would sneak out to do crazy crap and we would fool                                 around. I remembered the taste of her lips, how she always smelled like warm vanilla                               and warmth. I remember hugging and picking her up, making her smile and seeing the                             spark in her eyes. The spark was gone and so was the genuine smile ever since the                                 night i last talked to her when we were both in tears and there was no way of ever going                           back to the way things were. We were both broken, and scar-ed. I could tell she was                               feeling and remembering everything i was, we would always be happy around each other                         and make each other happy when we were down. She took out the best of me and ever                           since, i have been scared to be with anyone else. I tried to move on with several girls but                         it never felt the same and she avoided everyone, and for what i know never got with any                         guy again.

Calum showed up moments later breaking some of the tense-ness. we have not looked into eachothers eyes since the same night until now. She broke the contact and looked at Calum.


   "Hey!" (Calum)

   "Umm... hi" she said unsure and insecure.

   "Why did you come back?"

   "I..." she looked at me "lost something but i didnt find it"

It was the necklace i gave her, she never ever took it off since the first time i secured it onto her neck. It was when i taught her guitar. 

   "What was it? My mate and I can help you look"

   "It was my necklace, but no its fine, thanks though... i uh gotta go"

   Calum placed her hand on her shoulder, "C'mon, Let Luke and I help" I couldnt stand seeing another guy touch her but just stood there trying to control myself. Calum wasnt letting her go so she was forced to say "Fine."

We started walking towards the grass. Calum now had his arm around her. I stood about 5 feet back trying to be controlled. I noticed Crystal was trying shift out of his arms akwardly but he wasnt letting her.

   "So how do you and Luke know each other?" Calum spoke up. Crystal froze and stopped walking so did I. She slowly turned around to look at me. I was angry. Calum was interested and wouldnt let it go. Crystal didnt break eye contact, her eyes became glossy and she held back tears. I knew it was too much to handle for her but i know her, she doesnt break her 'tough girl' act for anything. She finally spoke up to Calum with a reassuring smile, "Uhh ... we just spoke a couple times as friends."


 I spotted her necklace, "Uhh yeah, by the way I think this is your necklace." She came closer and turned, moving her hair for me to put on her neck, just like the first time. I did so. "Thank you, Again" she whispered with the smile i saw years ago. 

I could tell Calum was a bit mad and jealous which i had to admit gave me pleasure. 

Crystal cleared her throat, "Uhm, well i gotta go now before i get in trouble" and just like that she ran off and rode away on her bike.

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