I kinda like you

A story about the boys from 5 Seconds Of Summer and a girl named Crystal. Could Calum and Crystal get together and go through the obstacles? Will Ashton and Luke be okay with it? Will Crystal let things get far? Crystal has gotta 'Bad Girl' reputation. Luke and Crystal gotta story. And Calums got his heart layed on the girl he wants. Ashton is close to Crystal until an incident and Michael is stuck in the middle of it all.


4. Chapter 4

It is Friday night, everyone is out parting. Me? Nope. I was home alone watching comedy movies in my pjs eating all the food i could. I got tired so i practiced low, mellow chords on my guitar which made me sleepy.


Saturday. I awoke to the light seeping through my shutters. The morning was relaxing and beautiful, which i always liked. It was around 5am so it was still kinda dark with just a little bit of sun. I quickly showered and brushed my teeth before running out in Uggs, sweatpants, a baby pink tank top and a change of clothes and shoes in a bag for later.


I went out my back yard and rode my blue bike to the near park, it was 2 blocks away. Since it had a river bed I sat on the very top watching the sunrise. It was beautiful. Once the sun was fully out i went into the public bathroom to change into more sporty clothes and started my run. It was peaceful and relaxing, I enjoyed having energy from the sun on me.


I stopped. Was i hallucinating now?

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