I kinda like you

A story about the boys from 5 Seconds Of Summer and a girl named Crystal. Could Calum and Crystal get together and go through the obstacles? Will Ashton and Luke be okay with it? Will Crystal let things get far? Crystal has gotta 'Bad Girl' reputation. Luke and Crystal gotta story. And Calums got his heart layed on the girl he wants. Ashton is close to Crystal until an incident and Michael is stuck in the middle of it all.


3. Chapter 3

That night I layed awake thinking about this guy.

What is his name?

Why has he been looking at me?

Does he live on that side of town?

Why did he come up to me?

He has really good taste in music.

He kinda seems different than Luke.



Who is he ??


Usually things like this never happen to me so its a big deal in my mind. But deep down i knew he had no interest in me and that its probably my mind racing to conclusions. I regained my focus, ignored the strange act and fell in a deep sleep.

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