I kinda like you

A story about the boys from 5 Seconds Of Summer and a girl named Crystal. Could Calum and Crystal get together and go through the obstacles? Will Ashton and Luke be okay with it? Will Crystal let things get far? Crystal has gotta 'Bad Girl' reputation. Luke and Crystal gotta story. And Calums got his heart layed on the girl he wants. Ashton is close to Crystal until an incident and Michael is stuck in the middle of it all.


13. Chapter 13

Crystals POV

I turned around to see it was Ashton with Luke and the guy with the colorful hair that always avoided me, i always thought we would get along well but i have just lived with knowing he doesnt want to be friends.

"Yes." I said kind of annoyed. I could tell Calum was confused.

"You know them" Calum still confused.

"What are you two doing here" Ashton said.

"Dont act like you care Ashton" i said turning away calmly and walking away.

"Did you follow us here, Luke are you ... jealous?" Calum said suspiciously and kind of angry looking at them two in the eye.

"Im not jealous, you arent good for her" Luke spoke up probably thinking i didnt hear that but they were being kind of loud and i was still near gathering my stuff.

"Oh what so you are, pfft" Calum said.

Ashton ran up to me, and put his hands on my shoulders so we were directly facing each other "What did he tell you"

"Calum didnt say anything, i dont know whats going on, but i dont want to waste my time talking to someone who doesnt care and avoids me. Look Ashton if you want to hide stuff from me, go ahead but dont act innocent anymore" I was just done now and was gonna have to walk home by myself somehow. I noticed Luke and Calum were still arguing and the guy with the colored hair was standing their awkwardly trying to get them to stop.

"Crystal stop. I need to tell you things" Ashton whispered innocently.

"Yeah well you could have told me before, you dont have to explain, i dont care, and clearly you dont either. You cant avoid me for a year and then try to fix everything, okay, im done here, just forget everything" I wasnt gonna cry even though i was hurt, i just didnt wanna deal with things, i couldnt care less now, i was fine without him for almost a year, i am okay now, i dont need others to make my life more problematic.

Calum and Luke stopped arguing and Calum walked up to me as i was about to walk away from Ashton.

"Uh.. im not sure whats going on but i can walk you back to the party whenever you want Crystal" he said kindly.

"Oh uhh" i glanced at Ashton "I think im gonna go back home now but thanks for everything, bye" I turned around.

"Ill go with you, its not safe for pretty girls like you to be walking around at night this late" he joked catching up to me, walking by my side.

"Im fine, im a big girl" i didnt want him to walk with me i just wanted to avoid questions and be on my own.

"If you dont let me walk you home, your gonna keep me worried"

"These things arent gonna work on me, but ill let you only because im aware you dont want to be embarrassed in front of your friends"

"Great" he said with a small smirk.

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