I kinda like you

A story about the boys from 5 Seconds Of Summer and a girl named Crystal. Could Calum and Crystal get together and go through the obstacles? Will Ashton and Luke be okay with it? Will Crystal let things get far? Crystal has gotta 'Bad Girl' reputation. Luke and Crystal gotta story. And Calums got his heart layed on the girl he wants. Ashton is close to Crystal until an incident and Michael is stuck in the middle of it all.


12. Chapter 12

Crystals' POV


We got to the shore after about 25 minutes, it was kinda empty since it was already dark. The dim lighted beach was soothing and peaceful. Calum and I layed on the sand. He has his arm around me and i had my head on his chest we sat there in silence before speaking, it wasnt awkward silence.I broke the silence.


"So how do you and Luke know each other? He never talked about friends when we were together... but i guess because we only had each other at that time."

  "Uhh... well i dunno if youll think its stupid or if they will want you to know."

"Who's they?, I wont think its dumb, it cant be that bad."

  "I would rather not tell you.. but Luke and I have known eachother since primary school we just didnt talk until a while back"

"Mmm" I said not pushing it.

   "Have you ever seen me around school besides that time i came up to you?"

"I have in the halls i guess but you seem so familiar, im sure i have seen you somewhere else, i cant remember"   

      ---I remembered the flashback of seeing a guy that looked extremely familiar at the party and recognized it was Ashton, my bestfriend. I had seen Calum in a picture with Ashton in his room a while back. I also met Luke near Ashtons house. Why was this all coming to me now? I remembered seeing a guitar pick very similar to the charm i had on my necklace in Ashtons room. I remembered Ashtons lies every time i wanted to be with him. I havent seen Ashton in 7 months, he would always come up with excuses to avoid me. He made me sad because i trusted him with everything and talked about everything and anything with him, but he began to hide things and became distant, he no longer trusted me. He wanted to get away, it hurt and i was realizing this all now. Ashton went to the party with Luke and Calum yet would never go out with me as friends. What else has been hidden from me i was disappointing, had Calum and Luke known about me before I met them? Did Ashton know about me and Luke (the only thing i didnt tell him) I told him about everything, my depression, anxiety, my everything and he was the only friends I had. Now he ruined my day, what was going on??---                  I shifted my thoughts away realizing i was still in reality with Calum.

  "Really ?! Me too! I swear i know you from somewhere but i cant put my finger on it, and I do know about someone with your name but im not quite sure if you guys are the same people. I cant say more though" So Ashton has talked about me. Great. "You okay Crystal?" he said looking at me in the eyes which i knew were probably glossy and turning lighter. 

"Yeah sorry im fine" Lies, Lies I say everyday.

  "How bout we go to the pier" he said with a sly smile getting up.

"Okay", as I stood up. He wrapped both arms around me picking me up and taking me to the water. "Oh My God CALUM" I sceamed laughing, giggling, moving around trying to get out of his arms. "Calum put me down! Let me go!" he kept taking me to the water which we werent far from when we got to the tip of the tide he said

  "Oh so you afraid of the water, too bad cuz your about to get dropped into it"

"You wouldnt"

  "Baby I would, but not today" he put me down, both of us laughing. His face was adorable and we stood there, the water hitting out barefoot feet, looking into each others eyes. It was now 9:30 but i was having fun and he was distracting me from the hell I would be in later. 

"You know what Calum, why the hell not, lets go into the water!" I said taking off my jean jacket.

  "You crazy!?" he exclaimed. "Its cold, late and we dont have swimwear on."

"You bet im crazy! So what!" I yelled smiling. I felt free. 

   "Okay" he shouted taking his shirt off.

I tied my top higher, making it a crop top. And rolled up my jeans. We ran into the water, getting deeper than expected. We were both soaking wet after spending about 20 minutes in the water laughing and being silly. 

  "Okay I think we should get out before we freeze" he said between taking breaths from laughing.

"Okay" I said walking out. I looked at my phone and saw i got a message from my mom saying her and my dad were gonna be gone for 5 days for a short business trip, they didnt even notice i was gone.

  Calum and I were hugging tightly because it was cold even though we both had jackets on.

     "Crystal?" someone said and it wasnt Calum.


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